Jason Davis: Engaged to Millionaire Matchmaker Chick?

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No, not THE Millionaire Matchmaker. Someone he met on it.

From all appearances it seems as though newly rehabbed oily heir Jason Davis is engaged. That's right, Gummi Bear could be off the market, and permanently!

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Davis and his mystery blond dined at The Ivy in Beverly Hills, Calif., this week, where they showed off his lady friend's ring to friends, which apparently he has.

Perhaps Rould 12 in rehab has really done the "Gummi" good - and his stint on Millionaire Matchmaker did too! Or not, really. We don't know who she is.

Any help on that front would be appreciated.

If you keep up on the developments in the dating life of Jason Davis, you are a better man/woman than us when it comes to celebrity gossip. We applaud that.

Jason Davis and his possible fiancee step out.


I was wrong, Michelle Haugo is an astonishing woman who sacrificed everything for her beloved sons, The Princes


Jason is a moron and a tweeb. What a loser... acts and looks stupid and stoned! What a loser... don't care if he's rich... he's grossly nasty.


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Jason Davis seems to be a fat disgusting crack head! Wow what a great catch.... Whoever has his child must have been a gold digging Asian whore.... No other kind of woman would want to lie naked next to that.


back when jason was in hospital in may/june he was never visited by the girl he was engaged to. We became friends I thought it was sad.


#teamjason . you do have people who love and pray for you . forget haters. i hope you dont even read these things when we die we go on our own just like we came in to this earth forget them


This dude is such a junky-douche. Get off the horse or die!


she's an escort. I dated her too when I was in Vegas.


michelle haugo claims to be rich but crams her family into a cramped 3 bedroom condo which she paid $480k for but but owes over 1 million $ in loans lol. so sad to be an aging whore...


Lotus has cut and pasted that comment on every comment field about the engangement. I only wish schools in Saudi Arabia taught proper english ref:viloent. Please take your violent ignorance elsewhere and stop spreading lies about people with sad lives.

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