Jason Davis (Gummi Bear) on Millionaire Matchmaker

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It had been too long since we'd heard from Jason Davis. A little over a year and a half since Gummi Bear last got arrested for DUI, if our memory serves.

Well, the rotund ursine specimen is back in the news because of an appearance on Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker, a dating show for all rich snobs.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Jason, the brother of the slightly more famous Brandon Davis (Greasy Bear) is the grandson of Marvin Davis, a billionaire who owned 20th Century Fox.

Jason Davis has not been quite so successful. He recently got an eviction notice on his $3,600-a-month Los Angeles apartment for nonpayment of rent.

Now there's a catch. Maybe if it were Billionaire Matchmaker ...

The Gummi one has also been at the center of controversy for his issues with heroin and for getting negged at the front door of clubs. It's how he rolls.

Suffice it to say, Millionaire Matchmaker has jumped the shark.

"They must be desperate," a source told the New York Post of Davis' recent casting. For his part, he could not care less. It's hard out there for a bear.

"Tell fans and haters they are all welcome to join me at Capitol City Hollywood to view the episode," he said of his appearance on Patti Stanger's show.

She's got her work cut out for her. Who you date this man?


This guy is a loser I get the strong impression he's trying as hard as possible to not give a shit and it is a bad impression at that if he said some smart ass rude comment to me like he has gives everyone he comes in contact with I would be sure to put him in a wheelchair free of charge


Jason's a fatass loser. What an idiot. Stupid looking, douche bag who acts and looks like he's on drugs. What a rude moron. And did you catch the package when he was in his underwear... little dick!!!


Hola Jason, Find Me. I am the One Of A Kind. You will never look again.


Angela, There are free dictionaries available, even spell checkers, to help you appear less idiotic. Look up ursine. Now note that you misspelled 'specimen' twice even though the writer did not.


hey gummy bear, i would totally , marry you and i have a daughter , she's almost 9 her name is blu skye. i saw you on tv. i think me and you could have fun and a good life, sorry if iam comming on to strong. but i would let make me your sexy lady :)


Are you people serious? Look at this guy, he's a fat slob, that has a serious attitude problem. If I ran across him I'd kick his fat ass! He's a prick and a little bitch!


Jason I love you and think you're so cool, funny and hot! Marry me please! I got big b00bs ;) C


I love you Jason. You tell it like it is. People hate the truth. I know you could care less about the haters. Please take care of yourself.


Who wrote this article? Ursine speciman? Don't you mean urine speciman? And..Who you date this man? Would you date this man?
Dating him wouldn't be as bad as sleeping with him..Ewwh! Who knows what types of creepy crawly things he has going on in his blood work? I think that since he is so in need of a father figure that he should try being one to under privilaged juvi's. I think he needs this more than a gold digger, because dating him, would have to be about the money. Sorry Jason, but you are in great need of help, not enabling.


Jason is a Fat smelly useless piece of shit. He is disgusting and ignorant and a total dumbass who doesn't have a clue about being in the real world. Fat slob who disrespects women. I felt sorry for poor Janice Dickenson on Celebrity Rehab. I would have kicked his big fat ass. Loser Jason, total LOSER!


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Jason Davis Mug Shot
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