Jake Pavelka Slams "Jealous" Vienna Girardi, Will Appear on The Bachelorette AND Bachelor Pad

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As if the utter transparency of Jake Pavelka's fake relationship with Vienna Girardi weren't obvious enough, the two will clash - gasp - on The Bachelorette!

The two will square off on the July 5 episode, but The Bachelor star isn't holding back in the meantime, slamming his lame ex-fiancee for her poor conduct.

Flash Mob Style

"There was a serious lack of respect in the relationship," he tells Extra regarding rumors of Vienna's infidelity." I would like to think that she didn't cheat."

The pilot said he was "shocked" when Girardi sold her story. "What did I ever do to you that you would go and sell your story to a magazine," he asked.

"Is being famous that important to you?"

LOL. Said the man who's starred on three, going on four reality shows. Sure, Vienna is a total fame whore ... but she's not the one who won't put out.

Jake Pavelka milks the end of his fake relationship for all it's worth.

Jake adds angrily: "If you don't want to be with me, that's OK. But there's a very amicable way to split relationships up and she did it the wrong way!"

Pavelka hilariously insists that Girardi resented his rising celebrity, including stints on Dancing with the Stars and the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva.

"Fame changes people," he told Extra's Mario Lopez. "She feels Dancing with the Stars should have been hers, but in my view, I felt like it was ours."

"She started to get insanely jealous over these wonderful things happening in life. I saw her frustrations, so I tried to include her in everything I did."

Naturally, despite the hearbreak, Jake Pavelka will reunite with Vienna Girardi on The Bachelorette to generate more publicity set the record straight.

"Hopefully, it's gonna be some closure," he says. "America was there and stood with us at the birth of our relationship. I think I owe it to them and to myself and Vienna to let everybody be there at the end of it. So everybody understands it was real."

Frankly, Jake, if you owe us anything, it's to give it a f*%king rest. The birth of your relationship? You got engaged on THE BACHELOR and were cast on a different reality show THE SAME NIGHT as the season finale. The agenda is quite clear.

Pavelka will also show up on this summer's Bachelor Pad as a judge. Hey, you can only sit at home and cry about a contrived breakup for so long.

Whose side are you on in the Breakup of the Century?


Jake is a cold hearted,calculating, controlling, opportunist who is pulling the wool over the network. Vienna obviously has her own issues but at this point they deserve each other because they each had their own agendas which obviously did not match up. Vienna is right about one thing, I believe you are a real fake, Jake, and wouldn't wish any girl on you!


Jake is a FAKE... He should just go back to Dallas and fly his plane into a the barn.. and forget about it.. he is the fame hoe... get a grip Jake, I knew you were plastic fromt the time you walked out... you are way worse than Vienna.. Duh....


I new Jake and Vienna would not last. I just new it!! I think in my opinon Jake should of picked Tenley she was such a sweetheart!
And Jake's family lovved tenley! And they hated Vienna! If Jake stuck with Tenley there would be no proublems but nooooooo he picks the back stabbing and cheater VIENNA!!


What happened to Tenley? She was such a sweetheart-I loved her!


jake wanted to get out there and thru the bachelor show was his chance! he is a pilot he could have easily found love if he wanted it!. i do believe he played a mind game with vienna and she got tired! she wanted everyone to know how jake really was and is......


My days always start out great unless I turn on TV and see the mugs of Jake, Vienna or Kate Gosselin. Nothing can put me in a rotten mood like these three. They all need to cease and desist and go back to their former boring lives and just put up with it. None of you have an ounce of talent and I'm sick to death of you. There, now I'm happy again. I've said what I needed to say.


I have to agree. All of this was planned and played out for ratings. It worked. I wouldn't be surprised if both jake and vienna signed something so she can't sue and she will be paid under the table to act the way she is and eventually she will go away. Its all planned. It like watching a bad movie, you know it bad but for some reason you can't get up and walk out the threater.


I think yo guys are all missing the point that no one that is part of this "drama" is the fool; the only fools are the viewers who believe that there wasn't any part of this jake-vienna-ali love triangle that wasnt concocted from the beginning and that all these people weren't willing participants of said "drama." The casting directors aren't going to be fired anytime soon, they'll be promoted for casting a season that still gets press months after the fact. Theres no doubt in my mind that there was an agreement between jake and vienna on how they were going to portray every part of their "courtship" from the "falling in love" to the "breakup" and that both of them discussed beforehand what they could/couldnt say about the other person when selling their stories to the tabloid. I mean, every single aspect of this is absolutely fake and scripted and the only people losing out are the ones the viewers who don't realize this fact


Both of these fools are major media whores. I do think that Vienna may have wanted some of the attention he is getting but I think he is more of the problem, because he is GAY. These rumors have been going on for a while and now that she says that he hasn't touched her in a while just confirms it. I find him sickening with his phony "good guy" act. He obviously is trying to appeal to women and have us fall in love with him the way women fell in love with jason, before that whole dumping melissa for molly situation. I wish he just disappear from my tv screen, I can't stand him and his stupid smile!


Kim, maybe you are on to something. I hope that Ali realizes what a looser Jake is.

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