Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi: The Evolution of a Fake Relationship

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Since it was so obvious The Bachelor stars Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were a terrible match, few were caught off guard by their breakup this week.

The way their entire "relationship" (term used more loosely than Vienna's morals) has played out since The Bachelor finale has us wondering, however:

Vienna Girardi, Lee Smith

Has the whole thing been a sham?

Sources close to the pair say Vienna's quotes in Star are true, and Jake is a prude who hasn't been intimate with her in months. But there's more ...

"They haven't even been a real couple for a while," an insider tells E! Online, adding, "They've been pretty much playing it up in front of the cameras."

Why do such a thing? "Because they both want to be famous, and it's good for their reputations and the reputation of the show [The Bachelor]."

While we're not willing to suggest flat-out that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi staged their relationship, this theory might explain ...

  • Why Vienna had an interview lined up with Star to announce how she painfully, gut-wrenchingly broke up with Jake ... a whole day earlier.
  • The couple's over-the-top PDA and previous reports that Vienna is a stalker, especially while Jake was shooting Dancing With the Stars.
  • The pair going out of their way to prove to the world they were really in love, then reap the rewards (big PR) of a very public breakup.

Here's an addendum to that last bullet point. ABC says in a statement that "Jake and Vienna will be doing a joint interview for ABC to air shortly."

More Jake and Vienna on TV. Who would have guessed.

In his cover story in People, Jake Pavelka continues to play the victim, saying there were "trust issues" between himself and his fake fiancee. The star adds:

"I'm still the same guy that believes in love. What I've learned is, it doesn't matter if you love somebody – that doesn't fill 95 percent of the relationship."

So five percent of a relationship is love? What's the rest, fake photo ops and trying to get on every reality TV show? Great priorities. No wonder he won't put out.


We sure have fallen a long way from the likes of the greatHollywood stars of old haven't we? What ever happened to actors with class like Humphry Bogart, Gretta Garbo or Sir Lawrence Olivier? Media technology has certainly made huge improvements. But the quality of our "celebrities" has fallen to nothing. Now they are just plastic pretty people with no brains, no personality, and no class whatsoever.


this makes you think is the bachelor fake its stuff like this that makes the show look phoney i personally think they both are jerks and he is the biggest baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with Margie in that I think Vienna is also a fake. I believe that Jake is a sincere person and when he picked her, I was very upset feeling that he could do a lot better than her. Also, her family seems to be lower class than his, and I think she is way out of his league!


Jake is a star? Since when??


I never liked her but it's starting to sound like he may be just as bad. At least as big of a phony.

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