Hailey Glassman to Sue Jon Gosselin

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Having been cleared in the ransacking of his apartment last winter, Hailey Glassman is taking Jon Gosselin to court over legal fees she says he owes her.

Jon accused her of breaking into his Upper West Side pad in N.Y. City, but she was exonerated after a police investigation concluded she was not at fault.

Rather than let bygones be bygones, of course, Jon’s ex says she wants to bleed him dry and plead her case in court - and publicly, on TV's Judge Judy.

"I want to take him on Judge Judy and make him pay my lawyer’s fees,” Hailey told Radar Online. “He tried to frame me [for his apartment break-in]."

"Really, it was him setting me up.”

Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin Picture

Jon and Hailey in happier times last summer.

Back in December, Jon accused Hailey of breaking into his NYC apartment last December and claimed she stole several his belongings including the TV.

The break-in was ultimately never solved. Radar cites sources who say Jon Gosselin staged the burglary as a stunt, but he was never charged either.

“Anyone else in my position would go for the jugular. He could have ruined my life trying to frame me for selfish reasons. Now he’s going to pay for it.”

Hailey also claims Jon owes her $200,000 and that he has a two-inch package. These claims have not been substantiated, but we totally believe her.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced from last summer, showing Jon Gosselin stoned out of his mind with Hailey in France. Ahh, those were the days.

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Oh god...can everyone just get over all of this...reality tv sux people..it's staged, it's fake..and you only pad the pockets of the idiots you are watching.


Like I've said all along, Jon is the loser. Go Team Kate!!


Sounds like all the veins for media whorism have dried up for her, so her last desperate quest for 15 more minutes of fame is to be on Judge Judy, which just happens to be televised. lol. If she was really concerned about getting the money back, she wouldn't care what judge decided the case. Matter of factly, I don't think, she can get very much on Judge Judy, so it's nothing more that media whorism.


REALLY JON?????? don't accused her


Pot calling kettle...?Karma speaks now.He could fool around with a jewish girl,but fool her over money...no waayy!!! Got it Jon?


wow. dis is all crazy as sh!t. Do we care? Nope