Jon Gosselin Moving Back to Pennsylvania; Hailey Glassman Wants Her Money Back

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Jon Gosselin is moving into his own apartment near the Pennsylvania home he used to share with Kate and their eight kids, according to reports.

Last week, the d-bag filed court papers requesting physical custody of the Gosselin children as well as the right to reside in Kate’s guest house.

He's been living with his brother since breaking up with Morgan Christie.

His move back to Pennsylvania was no doubt motivated largely by money. Dude has no job, and his last apartment in NYC was uber-pricey.

It also got ransacked, allegedly by (segue alert) another THG news staple. Which brings us to the Hailey Glassman angle of this story ...

HI: Jon's state of origin... and level of debt.

She's happy to hear he'll be moving to the Pennsylvania pad ... so long as he pays the money she still says he owes her for the NYC one.

Hailey Glassman ranted on Twitter: "Hey Stubby I hope u own ur new place in PA so I can put a Lien on ur property until u pay me back."

"Seriously, This is redic already. U really want this to be a big messy lawsuit like all ur others?! I don't want that but I want my $$."

"U promised n signed 2 pay back! I know u JonTheCon strive off of chaos, but I truly want U out of my life but not without my 200,000."

"U swore n signed contracts to pay me back. Contact Rob Jon! May is here soon. I don't want to sue u but will and pull out EVERYTHING."

"I've been quiet Jon. Contact Rob."

You heard her, Jon. Contact Rob, whoever that is. Actually, scratch that. Don't. We would have more fun reporting a lawsuit after you fail to.


@ jal: I was just watching a behind-the-scenes segment on VH1 this past weekend. The family had received *a lot* of donations from their local community. Then once the show aired, donations poured in from viewers. They eventually signed on for a show contract, and Kate's first book raked in big dough. That's why she wanted to keep the show running...she had written a second book and was in the middle of promoting it. She was trying to keep the show running to promote her 2nd book, DWTS, etc. Otherwise, she knew she would become irrelevant to the public, and she thrives on the celebrity lifestyle. I agree...neither one is a good enough parent to these children. :(




Started watching this show recently.Where do a once was nurse, and an I.T. guy get all the $$ to buy that sprawling house and vehicles, and pay the bills in life for 10 people.They chose to have these kids.They both need a reality check.T.V shows have truly taken them away from what`s important here,These kids.!!!!!


desiree: so what if she's a jew. whats that got to do with anything? you are sick


If she loaned this loser $200,000.00,that pillow-talk must have been off the chain!!


I have to chuckle because of course Hailey Glass man wants her money she is a jew you know... and a stupid one at that... now go hug the money you have left... oh watch out theres a penny...go get it.


Hailey if you really want to do something sue Jon before the loser goes to court for the kids. Jon doesn't want to work and support his kids. He wants to live off Kate since all the girlfriends have kicked him out. Put what you know about the scum bag out there and help Kate finally get rid of this loser.


Uumm....where did that D-bag Hailey get 200K???

Free britney

Okay, we'll bite ... who are Idiots #1-5 and #7-10?


How ignorant is this Hailey Glassman broad? First she lends Jon Gosselin $200,000 and then she actually thinks that he has that much money to pay her back? She is currently ranked sixth in my top ten idiots of 2010.

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