Gary Coleman Death Photo: Released, Disturbing

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As Gary Coleman lay dying, his near-lifeless body hooked up to tubes, Shannon Price posed for a photo with her ex-husband, knowing full well it would be of value.

After she pulled the plug and took him off life support, very little time passed before shockings image "leaked" and ended up sold to a celebrity gossip tabloid.

We can't think of many things more upsetting.

While Price claims that she never intended for the Gary Coleman death photos to get out, that's incredibly hard to believe, since she blatantly posed for them.

It's not like she's given us any reason to think she's above that, either. Instead, from the instant Gary died, Shannon Price has acted like the worst person ever.

Even before she was tied to the Gary Coleman death photo ...

  • In somewhat sketchy fashion, she referred to him as her husband many times, even though they legally divorced in 2008 and never remarried
  • She was borderline nonchalant when making the 911 call, and declined to drive him to the hospital because she didn't want to be traumatized
  • If she wasn't hawking interviews in the aftermath of Coleman's demise, she was feuding with the star's family members over burial plans

Follow the jump to see the photo, published on the cover of the Globe tabloid. Be forewarned, the aforementioned picture of Price and Coleman is sickening ...

It's hard to say what's worse: Shannon Price taking this, or Globe buying it. Both deserve each other - and first class tickets somewhere very warm.

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thats wrong it was his wife


You know nothing in life any more is safe, your life is always being watched by the goverment, we use cell phones,TV`s GPS they track them,people have no value for human life all any one thinks about is MONEY MONEY MONEY, that is why we are not a top country that we used to be, people will do any thing for money any more, alive or DEAD, they shoould sue her and Globe for running these and any photo of the dead and dieing.


something smells fishy guy's


omg fergie is going to rehab??


whatchoo talkin bout willis?


On Jan. 20 2008 I held my wife while help came I have no photos of this. She was the biggest star in my life and I would not do this for any kind of money. If I was a person you want a photo of me and my wife you should of taken it when she was a live. I MISS HER AND LOVE HER........


no dignity,no respect,no humane reason for what she did and was sick to see what she could that so cold to take a picture of him like this. sad to see this is the last of G.C. may you rest in peace with dana.


Why was Tiger Woods' wife excused from anger management classes after "clubbing him with a golf club?" "UNSOLVED MYSTERY" Why hasn't the "ex-wife" of Gary Coleman had to take a lie dedector test regarding the cause of his death? "UNSOLVED MYSTERY"


Finding out it was The Globe that bought these pics didn't surprise me at all. They are the ones who ran the picture of John Lennon's dead body on the front page. Even Nat'l. Enquirer has learned their lesson.


Why would Globes do soomething that shamefully.Do they have a inch. of God Love inside them?