Shannon Price Bashes Haters, Won't Shut Up About Gary Coleman, is Probably the Worst Person Ever

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We realize people grieve in different ways.

But for Gary Coleman's self-proclaimed wife (not actually his wife anymore), that means a non-stop PR tour talking about their "golden" relationship.

And selling Gary Coleman death photos.

On Good Morning America, Shannon Price said the two were to renew their vows (since they divorced in 2008 after marrying in 2007) in the future.

A little convenient, since she was not named in the will Coleman left behind. She did, however, have legal authority to take the star off life support.

Her attorney, however, has argued in recent days that the 42-year-old had always intended for his once (and apparently future) wife to be provided for.

She's sure taking that into her own hands.

Shannon Price Mug Shot

PAY THE PRICE: Shannon's mug shot from her 2009 domestic abuse arrest. No one suggested she had a role in Gary's death, but her conduct since then is deplorable.

Shannon Price says she has been "plagued by rumors" that she had something to do with his passing, either by pushing him to cause his initial fall, a claim she denies, or that she did not think through pulling the actor off life support.

"People can say whatever they want 'cause I know the truth. I would never hurt my husband, ever. I would take my own life before I would harm him."

Maybe so, but that was one nonchalant 911 call.

"The doctors advised me that it was grim and, you know, he went into cardiac arrest and the doctors advised me that this was the best thing for him."

She reiterated those comments on Entertainment Tonight, saying she did what was "best for him," and claiming that "he was already a vegetable."

She also revealed to ET his last words: "He said, "I love you and my head hurts.' Those were the last he said to me because he was in a lot of pain."

We're sure he'd approve of her telling the world this to make money. Sick person. Follow the jump for a clip of Price on Good Morning America ...


Shannon is nothing but trash. What goes around will come around. She didn't care about Gary that is obvious.


I'm not saying anything about this one, yet. There are too many things we don't know.


A divorce in 2008 and domestic violence throughout the relationship. They get back together and still fight and one day he falls and busts his head with blood all over and she's still screaming at him to sit up. somethings not right! she not only pulls cord but creammates him and then decides to sell his death pictures to the media for cash. she says she loves him and still even takes advantage of him after death. watch he auction his stuff and later write a book about him. to bad so many took advantage of him incuding his golddigger wife. why was she even taking pictures of him in the hospital?


She acts like they had a loving relationship,and how come she kept saying i hope he doesn't die or she would say i hope he isn't dead.But she go and pull the plug,sounds like she wanted him to die,she stands to gain more,something is not right about this,she talk like she thought this up,there is no tears she laughs and smiles a lot for someone who just lost someone,she looks like she got dollar signs in her eye's.


Oh please. She is a poor excuse for a human being. She is the worst person ever.

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