Cover Clash: Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart! Also Wants to Marry Her!

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Breaking news out of the tabloid world today, Twilight Saga fans:

Robert Pattinson has been dumped! Also, Kristen Stewart will soon dump Robert Pattinson!

First, a source tells Life & Style that the differences between the co-stars have become too much. The latter is simply too depressed too often, as "Rob says she complains about everything and is such a downer," according to the insider who added:

"When Rob was back in the U.K., he was totally fed up with Kristen and over it. He told her, 'We're done.'"


But don't fret, Robsten lovers!

While one tabloid reports "Rob feels he hasn't found his soulmate and is keeping his options open," Us Weekly says the exact opposite: Kristen is Rob's soulmate!

Hooray? Not quite. Apparently, Stewart is about to break Pattinson's heart, as their "tortured romance" is affected by her hesitation to get married. That's a shame.

So, what are Twilight fans to do about such conflicting cover stories? Send a message to these desperate publications and DO NOT BUY THEM. That's the only way they'll ever stop publishing such nonsense.

Seriously, purchasing BP stock is a better use of your money.

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i think is awesome that rob is dumping her becasue they are not a good couple and in alot of pictures one of them looks unhappy lol but i wonder who kristen or robert will be a new couple with.


To be perfectly honest i think their both great actors/ actress and believe that either way they go will have a happy and fully achieved life. As many actress and actors unfortuntley like me dont get a huge break like them. Just hope they dont let the tabliods or fame ruin their beauty talent and future i wish them alk the best


Here is my opinion. If Robert and Kristen are not a couple, he needs to secretly go to Patti Stanger and find the perfect mate. He shouldn't marry her right away or let anyone know he used a matchmaker. They should date for two years. She should be pure with no bad past, Catholic, pretty and smart. When he has kids, he can name them:
Constance Mary Pattinson, Margaret Elizabeth Pattinson, Thomas Anthony Pattinson and John Douglas Pattinson. Robert, call me if you have any questions!(ha,ha)


i d0nt want to see da two of y0u break up! y0u are meant to each 0ther, a perfect match nd cute c0uple! l0ve y0u t0o


thwy are two cute ouples but if the lv each other truly theey won't break up but try to resolve the problem by themselves as it is up to them to decide as it is not ours but their life as they are the one whos going to spend their life with each other . gud luck n ur film twilight is just fabulous .


really they should be friends and go on with the freaking movie i just want to see breaking dawn i saw twilight new moon eclipse and now i want to see breaking dawn


ok really robert pattinson should just dump here she dont like to do anything fun with him she is not a party person she dont like to go any where well i dont care but i really care about twilight and i just want to see the last the movie breaking dawn thats all really


Robert & Kristen need to work things out theyre just perfect for eachother..


Eish! I dnt care what's going on, bt it is ur business 2 solve ur problems. And wt u hv 2 knw is that I am a Twilight fan n well done on ur movie.


i wish they would just come out and say if they are together or not or if its all for publicity and wat not just so that all this confusion can go away i hope they are that be great if not thats too bad