Robert Pattinson is the Anti-Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart is so uncomfortable with fame that she recently compared the paparazzi to rapists.

Conversely, boyfriend Robert Pattinson is clearly enjoying his time in the spotlight. He's not obnoxious about it at all, but in each interview Rob gives, he comes across as relaxed, jovial and simply amazed at what his life has become.

Case in point: on Nightline last night, Pattinson joked that if he ever has kids and they want to go into acting, he'll say: 'Yeah, it's great. You don't have to do anything. Everything goes right.'"

Asked about his mindset on fame, Robert could have been addressing Kristen directly when he said the key is to enjoy it, "rather than looking like it's freaking you out and you want to leave."

It's obvious Robert is following his own advice. See for yourself:

Embracing Fame

Robert was also asked why the Twilight Saga is considered so sexy... even though Edward and Bella wait so long to have sex.

That's exactly the point, Rob replied:

”Anyone who likes the books, they all think they’re really sexy. They just like that moment before [sex]... the kind of tipping point before it goes over. I mean, everybody likes that. That’s the best part, for a relationship.”

Yes, folks, Robert Pattinson just talked up the benefits of foreplay. As if it was possible for women around the world to love him anymore than they already do!

Watch the entire interview below.

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Of course he enjoys it, he's in love with himself and fooled everyone about being gay.


this is kristen stewart very ungly robert pattinson is 1. sexy very handsome


remember when he hated his fans & talked about it...hid under his greasy hair....oh, he is such a fan's star...u idiots have the memory of my hippy Uncle Tripp....idiots


He does look like he is enjoying himself. Good for him. He's great!


Rob....i really like u act in every moment. U're so sexy for me...and i can felt that even i can't met u for this time...maybe u can fly to my country (indonesian)...i hope so....thanks for ur time to read what i'm feeling to u...GBU.