Christina Aguilera: No Pants? No Problem!

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Christina Aguilera has been shopping in Miley Cyrus' closet.

The singer appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday, and there was nary a pair of pants in sight.

Instead, Christina honored her former Mickey Mouse Club castmate and pulled a Britney on viewers. Photographers spotted her outside the Letterman studio, trying to avoid the rain and, based on this outfit, the cold...

Going with Tights
Pants, Schmants!


Do you like Christina's tights?


id bang her


@kate: You're the bitch. Christina Aguilera went pantsless long before Lady Gaga- just like everything else. So you people dissing Christina for 'copying' Lady Gaga are obviously brainwashed.


Christina is a great singer but the Marilyn Monroe look that she is trying to reinvent like every Hollywood actress or singer is being so overkilled.I wish someone would come out with something original they all want to be one stop ahead of each other or they all want to make each other mad wearing the same thing to show that they look better in it than their rivals.


omg! the girl isnt trying to even hide the fact that she is 100% copying lady gaga, yeah she was around before the lady was but seriously! the bitch needs to find her own way and stop copying other ppl because shes out of ideas, she needs to retire!


Actually, Christina Aguilera has a longer hsistory of dressing provocatively than Miley cyrus and Christina has worn less. I'm not insulting her- I love Xtina- I'm just pinting that out. I must buy her new album.


She was great before Lady Gaga, not sure while all of a sudden she wants to copy her??


Maybe they should put her under conservatorship like they did Britney Spears because she's not wearing panties. If Christina Aguilara shaves her head will she be institutionalized too?


word of advice to christina, you are not lady gaga.


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