Celebrity Hair Affair: Demi Lovato

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Don't worry, Miley Cyrus. You aren't the only young singer whose look we focus on.

Demi Lovato recently Tweeted a photo of her new, highlighted hair, telling followers: "Fixed some highlights + added more... I have blonde in my hair!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!"

Having recently broken up with Joe Jonas, we can only assume this is Demi's attempt to wash that relationship away and start fresh. We've posted pics of her old and new looks below. Compare, contrast and vote...

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Which hair color do you prefer on Demi Lovato?


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hey girl you are my role model I look up to you very much love you demi girl..


I loved the dark, but switching it up is the most fun in hairstyling! And what better way than to do it than to go a bit nuts with some highlights? :) it rocks. She looks so sophisticated. :) a much better look for the new, better page she's turned in her life.


erm when i voted it said dark 50% light 49% i'm only 16, but i KNOW that doesn't add up. :P i couldn't decide, i like both, but i voted light, just cause its new and fresh.


Personally I like it both ways. SHe looks good and I guess she is happy. Shoutout to Vetta.


kinda orange....her skin, not her hair....ewwww


Se is beautiful either way. I absolutely love Demi!! lets hope she doesn't end up like lindsay lohan or miley cyrus..


I will admit her lighter hair makes her look softer and more approachable. It grew on me. I kinda like it now. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Joe.

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