Breaking Dawn Screenwriter Teases "Sensual Sex" Between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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This week's red carpet premiere may have been in honor of Eclipse, but screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg took the opportunity to give fans a major tease about Breaking Dawn.

A HOT, SEXY major tease, we should say!

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Rosenberg opened up about Bella and Edward's relationship in the fourth movie. She said:

“I can tell you the sex scenes are going to be sensual and they’re going to be delicious.

They’re going to be everything I would want them to be. They may not be as graphic as some people may want them, but I honestly don’t think graphic translates into hot. I don’t care if it’s PG-13 or R. I just want the hottest sex scene there is and I don’t necessarily think ‘graphic’ is the best way.”

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Hot in Maroon

Kristen Stewart will break herself off a piece of Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn! [Photos: Splash News]

In a word: Gulp!

In nine words: Can Breaking Dawn hurry up and come out already?!?


The twilight saga has 2 b thA most greatest thing that has ever happened 2 me. I definitely can't wait 4 Breaking Dawn 2 come out.PlusI think that it is pretty romantic on edward's part,and on bella's part, I think that she is very cool and is my number one of my favorite character in the twilight saga.


I totally cannot wait. "I am off to see Eclipse tonight and am very excited about that, but can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out." But I will hate to see the Twilight Series end. It has been soo exciting and so much fun. We are having an Eclipse Party today before the movie, Eclipse cake and all.


im a big fan of kristen i love her i can't wait to see eclipse and breaking dawn next year


wat does it mean 'will break herself off a piece of Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn!' huh? idk what ur trying 2 say? lol is she gonna rip a peice of herself off?


hey i'm going 2 be eighteen when breaking dawn comes out in india


Todd Rundgren is f*cking some dirty looking English guy? Whaddya mean, that's not Todd Rundgren?That's a girl?


Gah! That's what I'm most excited to see. Can't wait for that movie. Breaking Dawn part 1 is going to be so epic and wonderful. I'm not sure I'll watch BD part 2 with the pedowolf thing. That's just gross. We'll see what Condon does with that.

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