Scott Disick to Neighbor: You're a Disgusting Whale!

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In a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, Scott Disick admits he "has issues."

Hollywood's biggest douche then went out and proved that yesterday, getting into a dispute with a neighbor because she criticized his parking job.

Multiple sources confirm that Disick stood alongside Kourtney Kardashian outside their home and screamed at the woman next door:

"Look at you! You know I have to sell my house cheaper because of you! You're disgusting, I would kill myself if I looked like you... you whale!"

Hmmm... is it too late to somehow make Scott look like her?

Quite a Douche

Despite Kourtney's best efforts to calm her pathetic man down, cops were called to the scene. But no arrests were made or even citations handed out.

In the interview below, Disick follows the script given to him by reality show writers and opens up to Seacrest. Do you buy a word he says in it?


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