13 Hours, One Awesome Singer: Taylor Swift Meets, Greets Fans

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Taylor Swift proved, once again, why she's so gosh darn awesome this weekend.

As part of the 2010 CMA Music Festival, the singer spent 13 consecutive hours with fans, meeting them, greeting them and, of course, belting out a few singles for them.

Prior to the event, Swift blogged: “This year I wanted to figure out a way to meet as many [fans] as possible. Thirteen is my lucky number and the 13th is during Music Fest, so I think spending 13 hours with my fans is going to be amazing!”

In actuality, Taylor exceeded this goal. She ended up spending 14.5 hours at the festival, making the dreams of those in attendance come true.

Enlarge more photos of Swift and her fans below. Way to go, girl!



I am your great fan and your every song makes me something but that from inner heart.


well jennifer maybe she was doing a concert and they had to many people so try again i love her


polly needs to shutup because she takes her time and meet and greet her fans i do think she sings good i isgn up for it sunday it was so awsome


She's a great person.. but having many fans, and doing good things for her fans still don't take away the fact that she can't sing.. Sorry. I like her as a person in general, but I can't take her seriously as an artist, especially as a SINGER.


One of my good friends drove from St. Louis to Nashville for this event. They were there when the place opened however they did not get to see Taylor they were turned away at about 430 in the afternoon. Something doesn't smell right.


So awesome! I wish I could've been there. This is some major dedication to your fans!!


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