Spencer Pratt, Emilio Masella to Sell "Guido Juice"

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You never can tell when Spencer Pratt will redefine the standards of shamelessness - and right now he is dead set on capitalizing on the Jersey Shore craze.

Not sure what it says about The Hills that he's focusing all his efforts on another show on the same network, but this is Spencer Pratt. Nothing is a surprise.

He and Snooki's ex-boyfriend are looking to trademark on a Guido-themed energy drink ... seriously. We kid not. Sounds like the best/worst product ever.

Pratt and Emilio Masella acquired trademark rights on the name "Guid-o-Juice" - for drink products from energy-fueled concoctions to herbal remedies.

He says the venture is "what's soon to be the most popular Guido energy drink in the world." Sure thing, man. Look for a plug on Fist Pumping for Love.

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KING OF THE SELLOUTS: Yep, Spencer Pratt will do just about anything for money and/or attention. So lame, yet he does it so unabashedly and hilariously.


OK...so we label Spencer Pratt as shameless and King of the sellouts because he chooses to exploit his trival reality show existence for financial gain. Meanwhile , we choose to ignore MTV's financial invention of this whole nonsense. So ok, Spencer Pratt is the King of the Sellouts than what is MTV? Should we somehow respect MTV like we do the blues. Is MTV in reality show terms.. some sort of purist rootsy alternative to the likes of Spencer Pratt who has somehow degraded the whole concept of reality TV with his antics? Again AMERICA..this post is from GOD and your existence is over...turn the car keys over to Botswania or Idaho because it isnt safe that you drive anymore.


Is it me or is this guy the biggest dork?

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I would never watch that! I would rather throw up... but I know for a fact, and I would take a lie detector test.

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