Spencer Pratt, Emilio Masella to Team Up For New Show, Go Fist-Pumping For Love

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Emilio Masella was recently dumped by Snooki via voicemail. It was sad.

Fortunately, the Gold’s Gym trainer is mending his broken heart the best way anyone can - by jumping right back into the dating game, and reality TV universe, with the assistance of The Hills star Spencer Pratt.

Spencer's production company, Douche Pratt Productions, is teaming up with Emilio Masella on a new dating show, Fist Pumping for Love. LOL.

It will Jersey Shore star Snooki’s ex as he travels the country “in search of love.” There you have it, the first official Jersey Shore spinoff idea.

SEE YA, SNOOK: Emilio seeks a "real" guidette.

“It is the perfect partnership for me as a growing player in reality television,” Spencer Pratt said in a statement. Of Emilio Masella, he added:

“You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

“I am tired of these fake Italian girls,” says Masella, who dated the controversial Jersey Shore star (real name Nicole Polizzi) for four months.

“I want a real guid-ette who can speak Italian. We are prepared to search from Hollywood, Calif., to the streets of Howard Beach in Queens, N.Y.”

We can't wait to watch.

Filming started Wednesday night in Masella’s local bar and continues this weekend in the Long Island club Glow. Spencer’s plastic wife and The Hills costar, Heidi Montag, is also listed as an executive producer of the show.

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BLING-BLINGIN' IT: Spencer's getting a bit desperate these days, no?


haha. this is my childhood friend back in eh.


I agree I hate the Jersey Shore show and I grew up in East Haven. It is really making these towns look like trash with all these D list celebrities and reality stars. Im so disgusted to say that I know and grew up around Emilio. Please move to Italy to find some "real guid-ettes" and stop disgracing our hometowns.


I am from East Haven, This is where Emilio grew up. I am so sick of assholes like him ruining my town. All of a sudden I go to the town beach and it looks like the Jersey Shore. It was never this bad until recently. I am a nice Irish girl surrounded by dumb asses!!!!!!


I can't wait to not watch this! Why does this guy feel like he is entitled to a "real" Italian woman? He works at a Gold's Gym which basically means that in five years he will be a janitor. Also, if he is so enamored to find a "real" Italian woman than why wouldn't he just move to Italy? One less jerk off that we have to deal with here in the States.

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