Source: Halle Berry Gave the Boot to Gabriel Aubry

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Well, this makes a lot more sense.

When word first spread last week that Gabriel Aubrey dumped Halle Berry, experts (i.e. the THG staff, our interns and the pizza guy) questioned the model's sanity. Did he really think he'd find a better looking girfriend?!?

Now, though, an insider close to the situation says the break-up took place awhile ago - and Berry was the driving force behind it.

"She kicked him out months ago because he wasn't able to pull his weight in the relationship and she wanted to move on," a source told People. "They’re very amicable in healthy ways because of their child. Her main concern is for the health and happiness of her daughter."

Hi, Photographer

A rep for the Academy Award winner, meanwhile, confirms that she and Aubry "have been split for some time, but remain friends and committed parents to their daughter."

Aubry himself has released a statement over the weekend saying he's sad about the break-up, but recognizing Halle as a "special and beautiful" person. She then went out and proved that on Saturday, taking part in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women.

Check out photos of Berry at the event, above and below:

Running for Women
Doing Well
Beautiful Runner
Charitable Actress
Halle in NYC



You go girl. Life always and for us we fight and pray to go on stonger with each knock. I am proud of you for standing!! Your daughter is as beauiful as you are in heart and soul. God is protecting you and blessing you at the same time.


Gabriel Aubry ,dont let the media spoil what ever relationship you and Halle have because they are just trying to sell magazines because you guys were able to keep you relationship problems a secret they will say anything please remmber you guys loved each other once and i think you both still do think of your beatiful daughter .I for one stop listening to the radio ever time the mention you or halle and the internet is a joke i just hate to see one of the most beatiful couples i ever seen split in hollywood I love you guys both as a couple and a family..

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