Gabriel Aubry Dumps Halle Berry, Experts Question Model's Sanity

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Halle Berry is now a single mother.

Radar Online was the first celebrity gossip site to report that Berry has split with her model boyfriend and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry. Moreover, these sources say it was Aubry's decision!

"Gabriel just felt it wasn't working anymore," an insider said. "When they were first together, the nine-year age difference between them didn't phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love. But as time went on he started feeling it more and more."


This source adds that "Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to other [women], and he felt it just wasn't right to stay with Halle in those circumstances."

That's why this report seems questionable. Look at these Halle Berry pictures. Come on, Gabriel! With all the talk about Megan Fox and Heidi Klum and other desirable females, is there anyone more consistently gorgeous than Halle Berry?!?

Berry and Aubry are the parents of Nahla, who the actress gave birth to in in March 2008. Reports indicate that a custody arrangement has already been agreed upon.

If this is truly the end for Bubry, let's take a look back at their relationship via the following photo retrospective:

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Gabriel A is not gay like some of these comments say,this was not done for pr either.I don't think some people realize that they fell in love and sometimes things just don't work out.I can't believe how some people are saying that she paid him for sperm donation that's really low.Alot of us in relationships hope for the best going into it loving the person but try as we may things happen people change and other people enter the picture every thing one goes through it's either together or not and some of us can't pass those changes so give them a break.I hope that they find out that they still feel something for each other and work it out.


Its unbelievable the number of black men on this article commenting that the relationship must have failed because "HE WAS WHITE" dumb F***ers get a life She is biracial and can hook up with whoever she wishes


Berry is the dead bitch, she bought many clothes from our company and never pay us the due credits we are engaging some legals action against this arrogant bitch many people know their relation is a PR show for Berry , Garbriel is a gay man, he played for the role she wanted him to, But she faile to pay her due, so she get dumped and now the lwayer work ou the financial settlement it is expected


halle is a slut bag, how could she french kiss that Jamie foxx on that show, while she was going out with thiis guy, that is jus t such an insult....shes a shoe and deserves to be used and abused like a hoe she is....


he is mad. he was nothing with out her - i cant even remember what or who he was without her - and for all you haters out there - better fuck an old rich bitch than a young stupid bitch with nothing to make nice with ... Halle is the best and you know it... he was NOTHING with out her .... i couldn't even remember his name unless it was paired with hers...


@ sarko get a life sound one of those freaks who believe in conspiracy u said hallie is rich and the world knows she is beautiful she does not need to pay a "sperm donor" to get her a child...if that is the only way you can hve kids then im sry to heat but dnt blame it on hallie it isnt her fault she got everything u wish u had.....


Good riddance of Berry the dead bitch, this crooked woman was running a fairly tale to boost her PR in hooliwoods taht all
he brought the sperms from Gabriel cuz she needs a baby, then mission accomplished, but she did not or have not pay enoug to the man she asked to play the role of her companion
She broke her promise so it is no suprised that the guy broke up many people know their relation is a PR show for Berry , Garbriel is a gay man, he played for the role she wanted him to, she is rich so she biy what she wanted. But she faile to pay her due, so she get dumped and now the lwayer work ou the financial settlement
it is expected


seriously yal need to get a life and stop hating on others....@ michael seriously dude get a life and a clue....its hallie berry we talking bout she looks betta than women half her age and dnt act lyk u wouldnt give an arm n a leg jus to be in her company...stop posing....@ jessica are you ok? u spoke lyk a woman who is jus plain mad a life and yourself in general if u cnt get and keep a man and they all running frm you well thts too bad but plz DO NOT lump hallie berry into ur really low category....she is so way out of your class.....i think its their business and if they can end it in a civilized manner then why the hell yal gotta be thrashing it out...plz ppl get a life n stopin living through the celebrities....


Well, at least Halle has a baby to keep her company-just like poor, cheated-upon Sandra Bullock now has little Louis! Women-if you are consistently having bad luck in the MAN Dept. and things are always turning out badly for you: GET A CLUE! Not every woman has a HAPPILY-EVER AFTER! Get a kid or two to keep you busy and maternally-fulfilled and cut your emotional loses!
You're welcome for the good advice!


I still bet she's a bitch in real life. He can get much younger "kitty" compared to her. Bitchy and old kitty is a smelly combination.

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