Siohvaughn Wade Jailed in Custody Case

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Messy NBA divorces and baby mama drama are all too common these days. On this Tuesday afternoon, it's the saga of Dwyane Wade's wife making headlines.


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    First we don't have all the true and real facts that lead to this situation.1) She has no skills to speak of. 2) The money for the Foundation CAME From Dwayne.3) If you start slinging S**t you are at some point going to get covered yourself.4)The main issue here is wifey wanted make hubby suffer before taking him back- she did not plan or account for the fact that he'd go out and find some one else- get her pregnant and play happy families.5) So she's pissed she has lost her meal ticket. 6) If she was a true woman of substance and dignity she would of humbled up her gums and rode it out and he would have seen he error of his ways and returned-job done?? Not the case she has now shown that push come to shove she 's a hood rate with expensive tastes and little or no prospects for a real relationship.


    srsh shut up you don't know nothing. Did your dumb butt know that Dwayne Wade has known his wife since they were 11 years old and that he had family problems and always had to stay at her house. Idiots Dwayne is dumb


    @ did Wade put her in this position exactly? She missed a mandatory court date. Should he stay in an unhappy relationship and a failed marriage for the sake of the children. In that case you have 2 unhappy angry parents raising 2 unhappy angry children...Is that a better scenario? Man up how? How? he didnt put her in any "position". You miss a mandatory court date and any judge can hit you with contempt of court depending on the validity of your excuse...


    Another example of a loser wife with no talent trying to screw over her money-making husband. What does this girl bring to the relationship?? Is she really expecting to live happily, ever after with a NBA player when she's probably not much more qualified than a cashier...

    If Dwade could, he should drop this leech & just get a nanny for the children. Don't need them being raised by someone who's life long goal was to cling to somebody else that can accomplish something.

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