Sandra Diaz-Twine Wins Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

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After proving that nice guys really do finish last, Survivor capped what many consider to be its greatest season ever by crowining its first two-time champion last night.

In a tense finale, Sandra Diaz-Twine defeated fellow villains Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow to take hom the coveted crown (and million-dollar grand prize, of course).

As usual, fans can now debate whether the best player actual won the game. Did Sandra truly outwit and outplay Russell, who many believe took the wrong pair to the finale with him? Or was Parvati the most deserving finalist, considering every single contestant was after her from day one?

Survivor Finalists

At the reunion, Sandra and Russell went verbal spat for verbal spat. The latter referred to the former as ''maybe the worst physical player to ever play the show,'' while Sandra pointed to Hantz's family and said they are "the only people that like you."

That claim was quickly shot down, though, when the fans awaraded Russell $100,000 as their favorite.

The most disappointing aspect of the finale? Jeff Probst simply walked in from backstage. No helicopter, no jet ski, not even a horse-drawn carriage. What a letdown to loyal Survivor viewers! We expect Probst to raise the ridiculous, cheesy ante each year with his final-vote entrances.

Still, this was an incredible season of the show. Do you think the right person won it?


I'm so happy that Sandra won, I hate Russell soooooo much. Russell had a clear advantage to all the other contestants in the fact that none of the others got to see how he played the game in survivor samoa. Also Sandra did'nt ride any coattails, she was herself & fought for herself through out the whole game.The Problem with russell and many silly survivor viewers is that they don't relize that survivor is a game not just of physical and mental attributations but a social game to. Russell only ever thought of getting to the top 3, and never for a moment thought about the consequences of his actions after that. Pissing of everybody does'nt make u a winner, That's why natalie won survivor samoa and sandra won this season over russell. I even admire parvati over russell's gameplay because atleast parvati still knew it was a social game not just one of blindsiding and pissing people of.Congrats to Sandra, u totally deserved it girl.


Did anyone else notice that Russel sort of just seemed to give up while the jury were asking their questions? If he'd really rammed the point home that; yes, he backstabbed, yes, he lied and he was proud of it and look where it got him - like Todd from China - he might have gotten votes.


i recon ay


Sandra did not deserve to win. She won by default. That is not a winner!!!! Jeff brobst says it's a game-looks more like a popularity contest to me. I will never watch Survivor again..... Jeff Brobst might as well not have any challenges-just the popular vote-1 night -SHOW OVER!!!!


Wait, i understand the argument and agree in many cases. IE Rob should have won instead of amber in the all stars, Russel should have won last season. But that is only when it's the boring person who rides the coattails of the bad guys. In this case Sandra got herself to the final 3, considering her alliances crumbled early she did a good job to get to the final 3, by staying under the radar and not pissing people off. Russel was stupid for taking her. At least Parv, Dannielle and Jerri he could argue only made it to the final three thanks to him, But even then parviti would have probably won as russel took the lies and backstabs way too far. Yes part of the game is a popularity contest. That's what makes it a great game. You need to lie cheat and steel but know where the limit is


oh yes, and once again... why can't they put the spoilers behind the cuts!?!? thank god i had actually watched it before coming to this site, as i had learned my lesson when they ruined another reality show finale for me. THG : PUT THE SPOILERS BEHIND THE CUT!!!!!!!!!!


Manipulation, Deceit, Friendship, Endurance and Cunning are many attributes required when competing in this survival challenge... All 3 had all these characteristics in different degrees... By no means did Sandra play it the best, she was just the one with the least enemies... Russell if anything played a poor game, if he had been good he would have got to the end with a few more allies...
That is the game guys, SURVIVOR irrelevant of how you accomplished it. And part of the GAME is the final VOTE... Thats what makes this an awesome show...
Know your game its SURVIVOR #20, and Sandra is a millionare..........


Is this survivor show a personality contest? or a good person contest? No, its a game. They(people playing) complain about people lying and deceiving. Give me a break its a game. To outwit and outlast someone so you don't get voted off and make it to the end is the name of the game. Hellooooooooooooo. Russel did that, he deserved to win. Sandra did not deserve to win. What a stupid ending.


hahahha... sandra wins??? what a joke of a show! she did nothing to deserve it. and shes a hypocrite. she accuses russell of being this and that....but yet she goes an burns his hat in the fire. doesn't say much for her. she brough herself down to his level according to her standards. she's a looser. only reason she won was because she lucked out getting parvarti and russell next to her. anybody else and she would have lost big time. atleast parvarti is pretty, sandra is ugly. i would have voted for russell. atleast he played the game and out smarted everyone and munipulated everyone to follow him. THATS THE GAME!!! what a bunch of whinners and loosers on the council.


The vote was a joke. Sandra did not deserve to win. She just flew under the radar and rode the coattails of people. ONLY reason she won was because everyone hated russell and pavarti. If anyoneelse had of been up against sandra...she never would have won. Sandra winning survivor goes to show how messed up the show is. The object of the game is to outwit and outlast.... it's a GAME. Tricking, lying, munipulating is part of the game. Russell played the best game..and the others know it. They were just angry they couldn't play as well as him so they gave the win to someone that didn't deserve it. Sandra???? oooo yuck.

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