Michelle McGee May Have Done Tiger Woods

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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee said earlier this week that she has lots of colored friends. Might she have had an affair with a certain "Cablinasian" fella as well?

You know what they say. Why stop at one celebrity home-wrecking sex scandal? Bombshell McGee is now hinting that she may have slept with Tiger Woods.

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Bombshell went on "The Soscia Network" radio show on Philadelphia's 106.1 FM this week, and was asked if she would send Jesse James a thank-you card.

He bolstered her "career," after all, and she's had no shortage of publicity.

After she said she's no longer in contact with Jesse James, the topic turned to Tiger Woods and how he must be so happy that James took the heat off him.

MICHELLE MCGEE: So wrong on every conceivable level.

Jokingly asked if she would go there, she replied, "How do you know I haven't?" Asked to elaborate, Michelle Bombshell said, "I'm not confirming or denying."

"But I'm surprised no one's picked up on that yet."

Uhh ... while it wouldn't be the biggest stretch of all time to think that McGee was among the many Tiger Woods affairs, we just don't see it. Call us crazy.

Blonde, petite, moderately attractive cocktail waitresses? Done, done and done. Chicks whose bodies look like a seventh grader's binder from metal shop?

Not really Tiger's type. Plus the whole Nazi thing.


I love the tattoos! Hate the character! Why don't yo try to create your own family instead of destroying others'?


cant translate just says alot of nasty things about that wh**e


fick dich sie hure ihre nicht german schlampe


Oh my god, I hate this woman, she is a low life scumbag cashing in on someone else pain. How absolutely awful for everyone involved that low life cash in on someone elses success. That is not the meaning of success it is though the meaning of a criminal mind. Criminals do this sort of low life scumbaggery. I hate her, please someone knock her off.


scumest bitch ever.


she is gross. can't wait for 'its' time to be over....sickening


These women have no dignity and self respect.BEYOND WORDS DISGUSTING!


This is the last type of woman that Tiger would be associated with - and with her "Nazi" tattoos, there is no way she would be with him.
This woman is as immoral as the other women he was involved with. She needs to crawl back under rock just like Rachel and the rest of these "w-----".

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