Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: Nude For Infidelity

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She's already the poster child for infidelity. Why shouldn't Michelle "Bombshell" McGee make money off that image and help sell ... extramarital affairs?

The original Jesse James mistress has struck a lucrative deal to promote a website dedicated to people having affairs ... and she will be plugging naked.

Bombshell McGee

And we thought we'd heard everything.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee arrived in Toronto this weekend to shoot commercials for AshleyMadison.com, which unites married cheaters everywhere.

Appropriately, the shoot is at a strip club. That was her job before she became a professional mistress, and the ads will feature Michelle McGee nude.

Somehow, this is supposed to encourage having an affair?

No word if Michelle is still in talks to star on Celebrity Cheaters with Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger Woods' harem of waitresses, models and porn stars.

Bombshell will make about $500 per hour for the shoot, but sources say that she'll also make a percentage of all new traffic she brings in for the site.

Hey, if Michelle has taught us anything - with her actions and her insane, unsolicited comments every effing day - it's that men will spread their seed.

Monogamy, schmonogamy. Guys are gonna do what (and who) they're gonna do, it's just how they're made. Might as well capitalize on that action.


She is disgustingly ugly.


i love you


Michele McGee will pose nude for food.


hey jinxy or whatever the fuck you call yourself-you have a big mouth and you have no idea about what michelle does with her kids so keep your beligerant comments to yourself- you asshole


I heard no one is picking the show up because there isn't an advertiser on this planet that would want a product associated with this pile of trash. Jaime is as close to a hooker as you can get, she's a Hollywood bottle rat that bedded so many customers of bar she waitressed in she was fired. This carney looking freak is not going to drive traffic other than the curiosity one clicks so McTard won't be making any money from this business opportunity either. She's a dirty joke that won't go away. When is she losing her child, isn't that coming up in a couple of weeks? She cares so little about her child she continues to "sell herself" and SD courts are notoriously conservative. The little guy will be better off and probably forget her after a few months when he's with his new mommy. Good luck to him, he's going to need it after being mothered by this disgusting thing.


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