Michelle McGee: Men Will Spread Their Seed

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The Michelle McGee PR tour continues.

Relentlessly milking her infamous status as Jesse James' mistress for every cent it's worth, "Bombshell" is featured in the new issue of Steppin' Out magazine.

What a cheap hack. Pretty gross, too.

Apparently under the impression people care what she thinks, Michelle McGee before she became a mistress, she believed "if a man cheats it's horrible."

But now? "I think men are made to spread their seed. Women need to accept that. You need to know that men are not meant to be with one woman."

Class act, this one.

Classy Bombshell
SoCal Glamour Girl

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee attempts to act classy.

"I think you can totally love your spouse and sleep with other women," says the Nazi with colored friends. "That urge will always be there if you're a man."

"I believe you can love your wife 100 percent and still stray."

The lady also says she feels bad for Sandra Bullock. Sure.

"It should be a happy time in her life," Michelle says. "She shouldn't be worried about this. She should be enjoying her time with her baby and celebrating. So I do feel bad about all this. I'd like to sit down and talk to her over lunch."

Mmm. Don't know if we'd hold our breath or wait by the phone.

As for Jesse James, she says she doesn't buy rumors that he had a sex addiction problem, claiming that "It's just an easy way to explain why you cheated."

Okay, we'll give her that. Sorry, Jesse and Tiger Woods.


Omg I know this is way after the fact and this has been done a while back but WTF is that thing ???? She is the ugliest thing I have ever seen the makers of the movie Splice should have used her insted of that thing the created I have never seen such an ugly body covered in trash WTF and Jesse James should get his eyes checked omg ! He is about Shot Out and in no way deserves even the moments he spent with Sandra ... Trashy Trashy Ugly Ugly


Please make this poor excuse for a human being go away can you believe she is somebodys mother OMG where is social services please go get her children now.....either she is the dumbest woman in america.....but I think she planned this whole thing to get her 15 min of fame..she knew Jesse was married..Jesse was so stupid to get involved with her...he is paying for his mistake...she is not a doctor please to the media stop talking to her...why does her opinion count this woman is a woman of the night...god only knows what else...


Parker - "No, if you want to blame anyone in a marriage for a roving-eyed spouse, blame the OTHER spouse who turned off the one with the roving eyes." Come on, some guys are worse whores than any woman is, and it has nothing to do with how their significant others are with them - they're just male whores.


this woman is a gold-digging, attention-seeking, morally bankrupt whore who has the ability to suck money from the media who betray their ethics for the quick buck. we should all ignore her & any publicity she generates.


Ms. McGee regrets more than a few of her tats and wishes she could remove them. And Bullock deserves NO sympathy from ANYONE; she's a cold dry dead stinky fish. Just like M. F. Reynolds proved to be after extorting Ed Fisher to marry her and spawn their daughter Carrie(see "Postcards From The Edge," "Surrender The Pink," "Delusions Of Grandma," and the sexual fantasies of more than a few "Star Wars" fanboys). Is it any wonder, in M. F.'s case, that Ed eventually dumped her as a complete turn-off in every way and turned instead to the much more passionate Rosie Taylor, she of the legendary violet eyes? No, if you want to blame anyone in a marriage for a roving-eyed spouse, blame the OTHER spouse who turned off the one with the roving eyes. And those spouses with roving eyes ALWAYS end up finding the other, or realizing that the other is, has always been, and will always be, a turn-off in more ways than one.


She HAS to keep bringing up Sandra Bullock to get PAID$$$ for her interview. If Jesse had not been married to Sandra, no one would care who he slept with.She has repeatedly said she wants to talk to Sandra, now she wants to have lunch with her. UGH!!! Next she will want dinner and a movie with her. GROSS LADY!!!


This girl is a WHORE


How the hell would she pay for the lunch? I think Bullock is beyond Mickey D's, don't you? She's having to milk this for every penny she can get, she can't afford lunch even at Mickey D's. If she could, she would have had the decency to slink away from all this horrible bad publicity for herself. Maybe she was thinking Value Meal, the cheap s###.


skank, ugly something (not a person, woman, lady or human being), you nazi bi..h, hope Karma will get you very soon...you comic body slut!


TO EDDIE: YOUR AN ASS!! Not all true MEN(i.e. not you!!) do not cheat!! I was married to a wonderful man who I know for a fact NEVER cheated on me!! Maybe you DO but please do not speak for all men!! You are obviously not one of them! Thanks for proving that I had a great husband (R.I.P. to the best man I have ever known!! Love you always!)


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