Producers Want Tiger Woods' and Jesse James' Mistresses to Star in "Celebrity Cheaters"

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In what would possibly be the most absurd reality show of all time (and that's saying something), a new one is in the works that would be hosted by ... wait ...

 ... Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers.

Tattoo Magazine

According to the creator, it's about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones. Inspired by Tiger Woods and Jesse James and starring their mistresses. Genius.

Jesse James' alleged mistress - the one with that tattoos on her face - and Tiger Woods' trashy lingerie plaything have both agreed in principle to this, too.

Just when you think you've seen everything ...

ANGRY WHITE GIRL: A face made for the dark reality TV.

Celebrity Cheaters is the brainchild of Bobby Goldstein, creator of (yes) Cheaters. The show will attempt to "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down."

Sounds like a slam dunk hit if ever there were one.

Ironically, Michelle McGee once applied to be on Cheaters to trap her ex. She was denied. No word if it's the same ex she may have wanted to have killed.

The show hasn't found a home yet, but Goldstein says McGee and Jaime Jungers have both agreed to do it, although no contracts have been signed yet.

Given that these two are among the most vocal mistresses (after the fact, not during) of the respective married celebs, we're not surprised in the least.

TIGER PAID ME: Then she kept on getting paid by milking her 15 minutes of quasi-fame for every cent they're worth. The lovely Jamie Jungers, everybody.


blech...who is going to watch these ugly whores? i'm not! Hate, the trainwreck, is enough! whether you want to see her or not, she's everywhere polluting the airwaves. these 2 really are as low as you can go.




How come these women are so shameless ? The media is equally bad in giving such publicity to these women... These women are making idiots of themselves showing the world they are shameless whores


Nice double chin, yikes. Anyway, yet another move by these women to make them look even more pathetic. Let's make money off of the situation that we created!!! Yeah, we helped ruin marriages, so let's go make some more money and cause more humilation. Let them keep making idiots of themselves.


No comment!!

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