If Adam Lambert Had You: Photos from the Official Music Video

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Adam Lambert is preparing to go platinum again.

Following the international success of "Whataya Want From Me," Lambert will soon release a new music video on the world.

Based on the following stills from "If I Had You," it will be classic Adam all the way: space boots, spiked hair, eye make-up, lots of smoke. Everything about this unique artists we know and love.

Click on the behind-the-scenes photos above to enlarge shots of Adam in action.

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I love it with or without the dancers. If I had to choose I would not bring in the dancers.


lschn is an idiot....demanding the right ot express its opinion while shunning others for doing the same?!!? must be a liberal....just saying....dumb dee dumb dumb


Laurie Jones: The dancers are Adam's friends. If he has to choose between you and them, which do you think it's likely to be?


randyjacksonsbutt: I would say that your username speaks volumes about your intelligence and the value of your opinion.


Wow, that video is real clear! What kind of camera was used?


for_real_tho Says: We are all entitled to our opinions. Most of us do not share yours! If you don't like Adam, go do something you actually do like. Just go!!!


I love Adam, he can do no wrong in my book, but his voice is so fantastic that he doesn't need the dancers and a lot of the hoop la that the others have. He's great.


I love videos that are different and edgy, no matter who the artist is. Adam's video looks just like what I'd expect from him: different and edgy. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. So nice that there's someone out there who actually has a song out that doesn't feature a rapper. I guess that's what happens when you can actually sing. If I Had You is a great song!


and when i say people critiquing i mean in the COMMENTS! not the article! LOVED the article! thanks :)


the people critiquing fuckin suck! it's music, it aint that deep! it's a fun and catchy song! it get stuck in my head! and frankly, th boy can sing and, furthermore, i just love looking at him! he's damn beautiful! so shutup and lighten up!