Adam Lambert Goes Platinum

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Take note, Adam Lambert haters: you can't keep this singer down!

The former American Idol finalist has been criss-crossing Europe all week, promoting his debut CD there - and it's paying off big time

According to the latest charts, “Whataya Want From Me” is number-one in Germany this week, while the single also just went platinum in America. Tweeted Adam in response:

“Thank you so much for supporting me! I feel so f—-n lucky!"

Listen to Adam Lambert's bonus track now and sound off: What do you think of it?

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There is no other artist in the world that can match Adam Lambert this decade, for sure. He is larger than life. Unmatched talent, vocals, stage presence, fashion, and a really NICE guy!!
He is intelligent, and well spoken. He has genuine compassion for people and the Universe.
Always re-inventing, and keeping things fresh. Internationally and in America, the sky is the limit for him..good luck and can't wait to see you in Vegas.


Adam is SO deserving of all his success! Please bring the Glam Nation Tour to Dallas, Texas!!!


Adam is the best male performer these days. People may not like him, I for once enjoy his music a lot, but they have to admit that there is something called talent in him. I mean, the "haters" can call Adam's fans dumb and other nasty names but right now that is the same as calling dumb to the millions of fans he gathered all around the world and I'm sorry but I don't think that these human beings, independently from their nationality, are all stupid or/and dumb..
I'm happy for Adam and I hope someday he might actually come to Portugal and/or Spain for Rock in Rio(the biggest music festival in the world!).


"Wild Thing...." "You make our hearts sing..." "You make EVERRRRRRYTHING...groooovvvvvyyyyy..." "Wild Thing!"


Adam: The Lord gave you many gifts:He made you beautiful inside and out. He gave you a sparkling personality and a beautiful voice. I really must commend your parents for teaching you humility, kindness and love of your fellow man. Please do not ever waste all that was given to you by using drugs or demeaning your fans. You are a phenomenal talent and there are millions of persons who wish that they could sing half as well as you do. So please, continue your career and do not raise the tickets to your performances so high that your fans cannot afford to go and see you. God bless you!


I hate that pic you used of him.


You go Adam. World Domination ahead!! You are amazing!!


Haters should give it up. He has already made it as a worldwide star. The evidence is all over YouTube.I think billboard said about a month ago the his album had so far sold 864,000 cds and if you add his world sales he is a pretty rich boy. His song downloads also are over a million. I read Simon is his manager so he is getting professional management. The U S tour will have more dates added as soon as the venues can be finalized according to Adam.


Yay!!! Go Adam! :)


Stop bickering at each other, pop the champagne and celebrate. Ignore those stupid haters who are just jealous!! Now let's hope his next single will sell even more!!!