Family of Kendra Wilkinson: Sex Tape, Schmex Tape!

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Not only does a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape exists, but we've seen naked photos from it. Sort of hot stuff!

But while the Internet is buzzing over this video and horny men around the world count down the days until its early June release, those closest to Kendra couldn't care less.

Said Kendra’s father-in-law about the development: “I will always stand by Hank and Kendra. Kendra is a great mom. You know, she’s awesome and she loves her family and that’s all that matters.”

Clothed Kendra


Also on Wilkinson's side? Kendra’s mother, Patty, and brother, Collin.

“No one wants their daughter or sister to be seen like that, but they don’t fault Kendra for things she’s done in the past. They understand that everyone makes mistakes,” an insider told OK! Weekly. “They just see this whole sex tape thing as someone’s idea of a way to make money now that Kendra is so famous. Honestly, they aren’t surprised.”

Nor should they be. Kendra herself is the one who wants to make money off it.

Not surprisingly, a pair of women that have made a living off getting naked are also behind Kendra. Said a source of Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt:

“Holly’s been emailing and texting her to keep her head up. Bridget’s been doing the same. She knows firsthand that the past can come back to haunt you. Neither of them are making any judgments. They’re like sisters. They support each other.”

Sort of like how Kendra's ex-boyfriend, Justin, supports her in the video, up against a wall and... nevermind.


I applaud Hank's father for being so understanding. I can easily believe that you will not hear the same understanding tone from the women in Hank's family. By all indications, Hank adores Kendra
and their son and I hope it stays that way. Now that Kendra has been outted as a sexstar,maybe she will leave that reputation behind her,and pursue a new career as wife and mother,which is what she signed up for when she married Hank.


i didn't know sisters have had sex with the same 80 something year old man.


Holly Madison is no better. Holly Madison porn express will be exposed next.


honestly,...she got her start on the porn express, why is anyone even interested or surprised??? OMG, she is cashing in on her sexuality and body....**not the first time & wont be the last time.....


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