Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Update: Definitely Hot, Possibly One of Many

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An anonymous source has confirmed the existence of a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape.

Speaking to OK! Weekly, this insider - who is somehow unaware that Kendra is known solely for getting naked and promoting her personal life - says he was "shocked" to watch the video because it's so "obvious" that Kendra stars in it.

As for what goes down on it (aside from Kendra!), he said: "The tape is an amazing striptease from her, and then at the end of the tape she blows a kiss to the camera.”

[Resisting urge to make a joke about what else she blows...]

Because the tape, which Vivid Entertainment plans to dub Kendra Exposed, is “very, very sexual" and "definitely hot," the source concludes: "It’s going to be a massive seller.”

Meanwhile, more and more evidence points to the fact that Kendra HERSELF made efforts to peddle the tape within the last two years. cites documents that confirm Wilkinson set up a company called Home Run Productions LLC. Its business model was "to acquire and license video rights to material featuring Kendra in intimate situations."

This took place in November 2008, well into her relationship with Hank Baskett and even after the couple's engagement was revealed. Moreover, these papers imply that Kendra has made more than one tape.

Honestly, we don't even blame Kendra for wanting to profit off her own sexual exploits. That's the age in which we live. If she can make serious bank, and use it to support her child, from selling her own video, more power to her. Just don't lie about it.

Don't play the victim card. Play the "I have huge breasts and horny men will pay a lot of money to see me naked, so why not take advantage of their loneliness?" card instead. We'd respect her a lot more if she did.


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You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. Kendra is pathetic. I can't even stand to listen to her laugh, she sounds like she's imitating a horse. I lost a lot of respect for Hef simply because of his lame choices for his "girls next door". They were all cows. Kendra was the most pathetic of the lot. What will she do when she gets overweight and her looks go...oh wait! Thats already happened due to her miscegenation and resulting pregnancy.


It is illegal to release the tape without all parties involved permission in writing. I wonder who the dude is?
it seems he would not want to have his junk all over the world to see???


She SHOULD release her sex tape! She is hot and famous and lots of people want to see her naked. I hate the fact that the women always have to portray themselves as "victims" in these things. The best thing a pretty actress can do for her career is release a sex tape (just ask Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian). I would like to see a lot more mainstream, big-name actresses release a sex tape (that they admiteddly produced themselves) or do crossover work with Vivid. Most of these women are exhibitionists and they are beautiful, so why not share their bodies with their fans?


this is sad, put lets pray that its fake, or at least not with hefner.




Kendra, its ok.. we all do stupid things.. girrrl just ingnore care for ur baby and man


Take care of yourself and your family Kendra. You have a good heart/you don't try to hurt others.I wish you love/happiness.


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