Charlotte Lewis Alleges Sexual Abuse By Roman Polanski; Gloria Allred Reps Accuser

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British actress Charlotte Lewis has come forward to say legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski, 76, sexually abused her over 25 years ago, when she was only 16.

This was four years after he fled the U.S. to avoid sentencing on charges that he unlawfully had sex with a minor (statutory rape), a legal fight he is still waging.

Lewis, who co-starred with Eddie Murphy in The Golden Child, was front and center at (of course) a Gloria Allred news conference yesterday to tell her story.

Lewis and Allred met with L.A. County Deputy D.A. David Walgren this week to make the allegations, which coincide with decades-old efforts to sentence Polanski. 

It is unclear if Lewis' claims will be used for the extradition or sentencing case involving Roman Polanski, who fled the U.S. in 1977 after bedding a 13-year-old.

Charlotte Lewis Picture

This is the Charlotte Lewis accusing Roman Polanski of sexual abuse, on a 1993 cover of Playboy. Other pictures of a redhead are a Lost character by the same name.

As a French citizen, Polanski has avoided being extradited to the U.S. for decades. He is under house arrest in Switzerland after finally being taken into custody last year.

The law of consent in France is 15, but Allred says that's irrelevant to the allegations made by Charlotte Lewis. So will Polanski ever face the music for either incident?

Polanski's legal team said in a statement:

"We don't have any information about statements at a Gloria Allred press conference today, but we do know the D.A. continues to refuse to provide the Swiss government accurate and complete information relevant to the extradition issue."

Polanski earned Oscar nominations for Best Director for Rosemary's Baby, Tess and The Pianist, winning for the latter. His most recent film is this year's The Ghost Writer.


The old hollywood and liberal ploy, smear the victim to defend Polanski.
It is obivious that these defenders on this thread are Hollywood flacks attempting to make us believe that the behaviour of Polanski and Sheen are with in normal social norms. The world is not that morally debased yet.....


Charlotte Lewis probably did sleep with Roman and then after she says the incident occured she worked on his movie. She then went on to live with Charlie Sheen and a Hollywood producer, Eddie Murphy (the star of Golden Child the movie she co stared in) and other wealthy older men. The age of consent was lower in France at that time. She hasn't worked in years and is probably looking for some $$ There is a clip of her defending Roman and saying he should be allowed to come back to work in the States after "Pirates".


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I guess only her roman and God know the truth
it is strange that she waited 25 years to come forward
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


Who is she?


Another bitch looking for easy money and publicity.


Why didn't she file charges in France when it occurred and then wait 25 years to press charges? Career stall?


Let me tell you something.
Most people have NO IDEA what people go through who get sexually abused. My sister never told anyone for decades and even now only myself and her other sister know.
She has INSISTED vehemently that no else can know, even thought it is a relative that did it.
Length of time between the incident and the disclosure mean NOTHING in abuse cases.
So often the abused person is full of shame, guilt, and confusion over the event.
All people saying this women is out for fame do not understand anything about someone who has been molested. period. I am shocked and disgusted at the libelous slurs being cast at Charlotte Lewis.


Have to totally agree with ELLIE.....After 25/26 years! This woman is looking for publicity for a well flagging career.

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