Adam Lambert in Switzerland: Unplugged, Unterrible

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As a country, Switzerland is known for being neutral.

As a celebrity gossip site, THG isn't afraid to shout from the roof tops: we adore Adam Lambert!

The singer, who looks dashing in a new spread for YRB magazine, is almost done with his European tour. Next stop: America!

First, though, Lambert sang acoustic versions of a few songs for fans in Zurich. We apologize for how dark the following videos are, but we assure you Adam is there somewhere, singing "Whataya Want From Me" and "Mad World."

Listen and you'll believe us...

[video url="" title="Mad World Unplugged"] [/video]


Just goes to prove that you don't have to see ADAM to enjoy his singing! The visual aspect is just ICING on an already YUMMY cake! WHAT A VOICE! WHAT A TALENT!




Request Adam's song "If I Had You" by phone or web for your radio station to play.


No duh Karenblack! And an awesome singer too!


Amazing amazing amazing!! What a fucking voice! And very creative rendition.


Ugh every time I watch adam ( witch is alot) he gets better and better! I LOOOOOOOVE U ADAM IM UR #1 FAN!!!!!!! YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!


Please, if you can still edit this article, add in the Sleepwalker video. It's ridiculously awesome! Sleepwalker from Zurich :


I wished you'd put a Sleepwalker from the same stage, people on youtube mentioned that's cried listening to Adam. The dark view just added to the effect of listening to pure perfection and voice vibrato.


First time looking at a video where you can't see a damn thing! But the vocals are awesome!! This dude is awesome!


Sorry I meant SwissMinion :)Thanks!

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