Tiki Barber Has Affair with Traci Lynn Johnson, Dumps Pregnant Wife Ginny Barber

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In his worst career move since retiring one year before the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, Today Show correspondent and former NFL star Tiki Barber has dumped Ginny Barber, his wife, for former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, reports say.

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    traci lynn johnson sounds like a filthy nasty whore and tiki barber is a embarrasment to the Lord-this is why i have never looked up to athletes!


    o shutup everyone, i went to school with this girl in newburgh and she was considered a whore. Tiki i hear has an s.t.d. now that she was said to have


    While Tiki lets everyone believe the worst about his father, nowhere has he or his brother ever mentioned that his father changed his life, accepted Christ as Saviour, and became a Pastor. As we can see in Tiki's life, no one is exempt from making mistakes in their lives, but everyone has the chance to change inwardly and become something better. It would seem that Tiki and his brother have bitter feelings about their childhood, and father, specifically, which have never been resolved. Had they been resolved thru' some counselling, perhaps Tiki would not now be making the same mistakes he's so blatantly accused his father of, for so many years. My heart breaks just reading about all this!


    I am shocked at all of the anger and hatred in these posts. I do not condone what Tiki did but am frightened by all the hatred and anger. Everyone on here complains about racism but many of you are racists. Would it be better if he left his wife for a sista? Would it be better if his wife was a sista? Would it be better if Tiki was Caucasian? or Asian? or Latino? No it wouldn't the end result is the same regardless of his upbringing. So just stop with the stereotypes and the hate and see it for what it is. Cheating seems to span all boundaries regardless of ethnicity. We all have our cross to bare. You don't know the circumstances you just know the pictures that the media has painted > which are usually tainted.


    Rafelo i am with you on that on that one should be free to hook up with who ever they want but doesn´t your brain tell you that remaining single or divorsing before hooking up is better than disgracing yourself and your family? you are making me feel that we human being have lost our sences. if we continue like this, i wander what our children or grandchildren will turn into in thier time. lets help make the world a better place for the sake our children.


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    HIV is the leading cause of death among young black women and now we know why, look at the catting around behavior of their men.


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