Smells Like Tween Spirit: Robert Pattinson to Play Kurt Cobain?

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First, he was rumored to play Spider-Man in a rebooted version of the big screen comic book adaption.

Now, Robert Pattinson is reportedly in the running to portray a musical icon: Great Britian's The Sun says Courtney Love wants the Twilight star to take on the role of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

A biopic about the deceased Nirvana frontman has been considered for years, but producers have had trouble casting the lead. Can you envision Pattinson as Cobain, the singer who shot himself in 1994?

Love can, and "she has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the main aspects of the project including director, casting, screenplay and music," sources tell the newspaper. "Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop... he is her number one choice to play Kurt."

Who might play Courtney? She is "adamant" about Scarlett Johansson for the role, the same insider says. The upcoming Iron Man 2 co-star is friendly with Frances Bean, Love's daughter with Kurt.

Based on Scarlett's sexy Iron Man 2 poster, we know one person who might object to this casting choice: Kristen Stewart. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Let's hear from our readers first: Should Robert Pattinson play Kurt Cobain?


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i think no one is equivalent to Kurt. He was himself, Robert is Robert, but Kurt was Kurt. So, according to me no movie should be ever made, as Kurt never wanted to publicize himself... And if it is made, then only Kurt is equivalent for playing the Nirvana frontman, and no one else..... Rock In Peace , Cobain...


this is awful.. If anyone should play Kurt, it should be an indie actor because he never wanted to be big and famous. He just wanted to play his music. If Robert Pattinson plays him, then there would be all the little kids that like Twilight going to see it, and that's not the crowd Kurt would've wanted to attract. He was anti-mainstream and putting someone like Pattinson in this film would be insulting Kurt. You might as well take a piss on his grave, because that's what the equivalent this would be.


'man..didn't even know there are so many haters..brrrrr


Jared Leto would play a great Kurt Cobain!


robert just keep ur head up..i no u can do it just fuck all these haters that tell u you cant do it cuz in real life its them who cant do shit


I loved Kurt but Rob is not the one to play as Kurt, and for Courtney she's fucking crazy.


I know why Courtney picked Pattinson!
She is trying to curry favor with Frances Bean-who is crazy about the Twilight books and RobPat! A much better choice would be Jared Leto-who BTW can actually sing, is already an authentic rocker, is about Kurt's height and body type and deserves a meaty role like this. Pretty boy Pattinson should run over to rabbit ears Kristen Stewart and scowl at the papps together! Crazy Courtney-up to her old manipulating tricks! Her new facelift must have eroded the last few functioning brain cells she has left!


WHAT THE FUCK...he is not going to play someone no one knows about he only belongs to TWILIGHT and other ACTUAL movies not movies that are some random shit...but i dont believe this nonsence crap if hes been the number 1 person that would play this role then they would have told him first....I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE THIS!!!....GO ROB-STEN!!....GO TWILIGHT LOVE YOUUU....XxX


You're absolutey correct, Hellion. Kurt Cobain would probably puke all over himself at the very idea of a movie being made about him, and he'd puke double if he'd heard about this as the choice for casting him (if this story is even true).


ele e um gato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!