Robert Pattinson Tries to Remain a Mystery

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Ready for another onslaught of Robert Pattinson?


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    fuck off sheryl j hi is probably way hotter then u will ever b no 1 really bloody cares bout ur opinion so u better shut the fuck up


    Sheryl J no one fucken asked you how u feel about that big fat nose pig bitch hes nothing robert is sooo fucken better than him so fuck off and if u hate robert pattinson why even post a comment duhh think with ur head not ur ass ..(for_real_tho) who gives a fuck u should go get ur dads massively eyebrows up ur ass


    HE WANTED TO BE FAMOUS!!!...if he didnt wanted to have all of that attention, he shouldn't have become an actor (dumbass!!)...come on, deal with it, buddy!:..I know he wanted to be an actor, not a celebrity...WE ALL GOT IT...but, come on, dont be such a winy bitch (sorry, bad english)...LIVE WITH YOUR FAME, DUMBASS!!!...He's cute and everything but he almost seems like a bitch, with his: FAME IS HARD, BLAH. BLAH, BLAH....IM SICK OF IT!!!


    he is best for the role of vampire!! way to go rob.... waiting impatiently for eclipse n braking dawn(having a date with me for both movies)


    robert i cant wait until eclipse and breaking dawn either.....but thats sooooo sweet....I DEFINATELY CANT WAIT UNTIL I SEE KRISTEN WITH HIM THEY ARE THEE WORLDS CUTEST COUPLE!!....but i will cry when there is no more twilights after breaking dawn, just thinking about it makes me cry :'(..... ROB-STEN BETTER BE IN MANY OTHER FILMS AND OBVIOUSLY MAGAZINES!!....dont stay a mistery for too long we need to know about you and kristen or shall i say I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU TWO!.....LOVE YOU ROB-STEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XxX


    we are all jealous of his greasy hair and pet, soooo jealous...hehehehe....put the crack pipe down already...


    The hate comes from jealousy. I don't know why guys are so jealous of him. He's never going to be in competition for any girl these guys want. The guy is pretty picky when it comes to women. In his lifetime he'll probably seriously date at most 20 women. If this thing works out with Kristen, that's a lot less. There are millions of women left in the world that will fantasize about him but can never have him. Plenty left for everyone else. I don't see the need for the jealousy. Rob is cool and sweet and humble and he's not throwing it in anyone's face that he could pretty much have any woman he wants.


    I agree with you Val love rob. what ever hes doing cant wait to see him and Kristen again. Good luck Rob WE miss YA.


    Why the hate? I love Robert PAttinson - he is GORGEOUS and talented. Looking forward to seeing more of him on the screen and in magazines.


    This guy is fucking ugly. I don't know what girls see in him. If you ask me, Taylor is soooo much more good looking, even with the big nose.

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