Rielle Hunter on Oprah: I'm Not a Home Wrecker!

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Rielle Hunter, mistress to that disgrace John Edwards and mother to his two-year-old love child, gives her first TV interview today on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The weird videographer recounts how the former presidential candidate's cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, slowly learned the full extent of his affair with Rielle.

Slowly being the operative word.

Rielle Hunter recalls how it was Elizabeth who encouraged John to come clean about his infidelity in 2008 ... even though she didn't know "the whole truth."

In the first interview John gave confirming his affair with Rielle, he denied fathering her child. Edwards finally admitted it earlier this year. What a sleaze.

Rielle Hunter on Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Rielle Hunter? Besides the fact that she's still around at all? She somehow denies breaking up the politician's marriage.

"She doesn't think she's a home wrecker," Winfrey told the AP regarding Hunter. "She does not think she played a key role in breaking up the Edwards marriage."

Hunter told GQ in March (after taking off her pants, then dubiously claiming she was repulsed by the photos): "Infidelity doesn't happen in healthy marriages."

"The break in marriage happens before infidelity. That break happened, you know, two-and-a-half decades before I got there. The home was wrecked already."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, loser.

John and Elizabeth recently separated after 33 years of marriage. They had four children together. Follow the jump for the first clip of Rielle on Oprah ...


If a man like Edwards with so much to lose,gets involved with a woman like Hunter, something MUST HAVE BEEN SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HIS MARRIAGE. He would not have done it if his marriage was healthy. Amen.


Although I do not care for Rielle Hunter or condone women who knowingly get involved with men they know are married, in all fairness,I agree with Hunter. Men with healthy marriages do NOT HAVE AFFAIRS or look for Sex elsewhere. In most of these cases, the marriage has broken down long before the affair. And a long-term marriage is no proof at all that a marriage has been good. While working on various research projects, I had the opportunity to talk to dozens of divorced men who stayed for decades in marriages that were unfulfilling and just plain unhappy. In many ways, men are cowards - they put up with an unhappy marriage that they escape through affairs rather than go through the trauma of divorce.


Oprah should have better guest - and sleeping with a married man is the definition of a home wrecker - no way i feel an ounce of anything for her only for her baby to have a mom like that - i am so tired of all the sluts trying to justify their actions and getting rich by being a slut


A fly by night whore, nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully she will burn in hell for a lifetime.


Evil monster home wrecking scank. Pox on her.


Scum, pure scum both of them. Hunter is a spaced out ho a freak a low life scum bag. Edwards is worse. May both rot in hell forever and ever.


Horse faced doper gold digging ho who is nothing but a scum laden bitch. . Where is the money Edwards and this ho stole from the hard working miners who supported these two bastards Opera?


She's a repulsive hag. What could any man possibly be thinking,to sleep with a ratty old sock like that?I have a 40-year-old sock monkey that'smuch better-looking and better-preserved than this hag.No, I really do. My sock monkey is much better-looking than Lisa Druck, or whatever name thisragged-out, effed-out$lut is going by these days.


I knew men who purposely looked for crazy women so they could have easy free sex without strings. But John Edwards was stupid enough to fall in love with one of them. What an idiot, glad he isn't president. Can you imagine him trying to handle world issues with that abrasive pea brain at his side?


I only could watch 10 mins of theRielle Hunter. Her smurky attitude and lying ways made me sick. I hope Oprah didn't believe that witch. Pat odonnell

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