Tiger Woods Mistresses Just Can't Quit Him

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Two of the dozen or so women Tiger Woods nailed while he's been married to Elin Nordegren say he hurt them badly, and they want an apology too dammit!

"It still hurts every time some girl comes out and claims that they had this relationship that I had," poor Jaimee Grubbs whiled in an interview with E! News.

"He hasn't even tried to call to explain or to see how I'm feeling."

LOL. You're upset the world-famous athlete who was just using you for no-strings sex while cheating on his wife hasn't sent you a Hallmark card? Really, J?

Jamie Jungers also identifies herself as collateral damage from the actions of the sex-crazed madman, even saying she "fell for" the 14-time major winner.

"When you fall in love with somebody, they're always going to be in your heart," she said, "especially when I hear people bashing him and saying the things they do. Even though he did me wrong, to hear all the hurtful things, it tears me up inside."

Wow, did it just get really dusty in here, or is it just us?

Tiger and Hoes

Jamie Jungers (left) and Jaimee Grubbs just can't let go.

"I do still have a place in my heart for him. I always will, but I could never trust him again," Jungers continued. "The more I was with him, the more I fell in love with him. Thinking about it now, I definitely wanted him to leave his wife."

Well, at least she's honest. Jamie Jungers also said that Woods even had a nickname for her - "his little coffee cup" - which she doesn't know the origin of.

Probably because his relationship with her was like grabbing a cup of coffee (in this case a quickie) on the road to something better. Hey, just one theory.

In any case, at Tiger Woods' press conference Monday, he confirmed that his wife would not be at The Masters this week. Some people wanted more info.

Among them? Joslyn James, Tiger's porn star mistress who recently leaked his vile text messages and says he owes apologies to the women he's wronged.

"He is not truthful, not honest and he should be repairing relationships," James said. "He was not sincere. He's a big, fat liar and we deserve the truth."

And money and fame. They'd settle for those too.


These women are hilarious. I look forward to reading the latest comment from them every night. Honestly, they are way funnier that Comic View.


These women never came out of the woodwork until they found out they weren't the 'only one' in his life, as he led them to believe. They're just getting revenge, which is very sweet considering he's such a lowlife. Now it comes out that the next in line was a 22 year old daughter of a NEIGHBOR???? That's low, that's really low. Next, we'll hear it was also the babysitter....


To all the women who slept with Tiger, you do not deserve a apology from him. But I understand you are trying to get money anyway you can! That is the American way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a bunch of sluts....honestly who cares about their feelings for goodness sake.


They are jokeing in complaining Tiger didn't phone them to see how they were.. If a man is in right frame of mind, who will phone women who tell-all to media...any phone call will be taped and sold to media, right ? Besides, if Tiger is true to Elin for saving the marriage, he should not be contacting any of the women... Is it joking one woman said she still has a place in her heart for Tiger... Do you think Tiger is "blind" and "stupid" ? Which man (especially famous man) will still hang around with woman who kiss-and-tell to media on his sex details ? I think Tiger reckoned it his biggest mistake to even have any fling with them, if only had he know at that time the true nature of these women (kiss-and-tell) > These women are shameless...


With these story above? I think that these women were really targeting to get the bigger bulk of money of hoping that when Elin divorces Tiger they become MRs. WOOds the 2nd. sorry to them because Tiger will not get a woman for MRs Woods at their caliber. Past time and sex tool? Yes and that was before, because irregardless if Elin and Tiger divorces, I would doubt of the sanity of a man to ever get back and sleep with these big mouth kiss and tell women!


let the person who has not wronged anyone ever stand up and throw the first stone...let the rest of us shut up and pray he has the courage to stay clean and that we have the same courage to do so too...


These "Ho's" need to shut up. They have a lot of nerve demanding anything from Tiger. Gag these B***hes, legally.


Tiger's attorneys need to start drawing some legal lines here. He's back with Elin, the truth is out, these whores are over, and he seems to want to try and get his relationship back on solid ground with Elin and the kids, so these whores need to be legally stopped.


Tiger may have taken a walk on the wild side,but I will bet dollars to donuts, that he wished that he had Never strayed. A man can survive his reputation,but when these women finally come to their senses,they are going to have a hard time finding a man who will appreciate and respect them as women,primarily because they have shown that they do Not mind being part of a scandal. No man is going to want to take a bold, tell it all- mouth-all-mighty homewrecker to meet his family.

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