Miley Cyrus to Host Awards Show, "Blow People Away" with New Video

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A few days after Demi Moore Tweeted that she'll play the mom to Miley Cyrus' character in the upcoming film LOL, we've got a couple other tidbits related to the teen queen to pass along:

  1. Miley will host the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards, taking over for last year's emcees, The Jonas Brothers. The event will take place later this year in Toronto and mark Miley's second hosting gig.
  2. While the music video for Cyrus' upcoming single, "I Can't Be Tamed," won't be released until May, an insider has seen snippets of it and told E! News: "Imagine 'Party in the USA' on steroids. It will blow people away."

What's Miley gonna do, slither up and down a stripper that sits atop an ice cream truck? Oh. Wait. She already did that.

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if anything desiny should be firing miley after her recent racist pictures, her vanity fair picture and the pictures that were found on myspace where shes basically in her underwear desiny have certain rules for the way their actors are supposed to act and she hasnt followed them at all plus miley has grown up now and is way over hannah montana


I dont 'hate" her but personally wen she says "edgier" things i was expecting her to do more music with soul like the climb or when i look at u. I hate that she continues to go into the poppy crap thats playing on radios today. i hope she doesnt sell- out and become like ke$ha.
say watever u wanna say, but thats my opinion so watevs, peace ;)


HILTON HATER, it's ridiculous that you think the age of Miley Cyrus and her fans was what made the pole-thing 'inappropriate'. First of all, seeing her hanging onto a pole isn't going to hurt kids. They probably don't even think about it anymore. Second, why does it matter that Miley is 17? There's no age limit on using a pole in a dance routine and there's nothing wrong with a 17 year old dancing sexy just like there's nothing wrong with an 18 year old or a 21 year old doing it. Sexiness isn't a bad thing. So what if she's a teenager. She's almost an adult. It's hypocritical for adults to tell teenagers that sexuality is inappropriate until you turn 18.


grow up kiddies miley is ...... if you cant. follow some other disney star . mileys moving to the real world .


only one word 4 her WHORE!!!!


@Mr. X: This is all I'm gonna say: Do you legitimately believe Miley only used the pole for "support?" You sincerely believe that when Miley and her team came up with that dance and with that prop, they had no intention of making it look like a stripping routine?!? Come on.


@Hilton Hater, u, I and every miley fan knows that the pics made that dance more sexual than it actually is as clear as day that she was was only using that pole in the ice cream cart for support.....the expression on her face and her position was only there for like a millisecond.....the photographer of that pic either did one heck of a good job to get that pic, or was immensely lucky.... every miley fan also knows that when it comes to negative news on miley, THG and every other gossip site tend to exaggerate A LOT....they use words (like the ones u used now) to make miley appear in a poor light.....and when it comes to positive news on miley, they (and u) make it appear as if it is no big deal (excluding some rare times) this way a lot of injustice is being done....injustice to miley, injustice to her there's nothing wrong when @Dee said that u r purposely deceiving ur readers.....


well, i gotta say that the organizers of the MuchMusic Video Awards made a very good choice when they chose miley as the quote Americn Idol: she may be only 17, but she has a lifetime of experience.....and her next album I Cant Be Tamed promises to be a superhit....


hilton hater ur such an ass!!! we all know u dont like miley ur a selena gomez sucker. and always insulting miley u insult a girl less than half your age


Thank you, Dee, for reading THG. I hope you enjoy a solid debate as much as I do and continue to come to the site.


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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