Michael Lohan Says Lindsay is HIV Positive; Claims Twitter Was Hacked, Perez "Likely to Get AIDS"

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Upon researching this story, we had the following questions:

  1. Michael Lohan actually has a Twitter account?
  2. Someone would follow Michael Lohan on Twitter?
  3. Someone would go to the trouble of hacking it?
  4. That someone said Lindsay Lohan is HIV positive?
  5. M-Lo really used Twitter to go off on Perez Hilton?

Apparently, yes to all ... or at least #1 and #5. Mike says someone hacked into his Twitter account this morning and posted that Lindsay is "HIV positive."

That Tweet is now off. "Somebody was impersonating me," he later said. "I'm disgusted. I would never ever say something like that about my daughter."

Crazy Lindsay

The feud between Michael and Lindsay heated up last week when he staged an intervention, barging into her home with the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept.

He claims LiLo is abusing drugs again (she denies this) and is a bad influence on 16-year-old sister Ali Lohan. Michael was widely criticized for the move.

As for today's Tweets, the impostor also accused Linds of sleeping with Tommy Mattola at age 17. Mike says he's seeking legal action against the hacker.

But not before he tears into Perez Hilton for reasons unknown. A couple of hours ago, in response to Lord only knows what, Michael Lohan wrote:

  • Stop stirring up trouble Perez, you're disgusting. Hell awaits you. You are only getting a taste now. U R the one who is likely to get AIDS!
  • @perezhilton and you are also the one who wishes you slept with Moguls! leave us alone. Or are you that obsessed?!
  • @perezhilton... for all I (we) know, you hack accounts and make most of this stuff up yourself, you sausage jockey

Uhhh, okay Mike. Using gay slurs and suggesting Perez get AIDS? Really classy, not to mention an extremely effective way of helping Lindsay.

Not to mention, how can you expect us to believe your account was hacked when you make another AIDS-related crack hours later? Ass clown.

We always thought you were a piece of work ... but it looks like that was far too kind. You're a complete waste of oxygen. Please, please go away.


wow no matter what lindsay does aside from posting an std test; even then they will say it is doctored...she will never have this slander leave her whether it be true or now.


Did Michael Lohan actually use the term "sausage jockey"? What is he, some kind of amateur Archie Bunker wannabe?He's a pathetic specimen, for sure.


Wonder if Lindsey ever had a chance at "normal" with parents like she has. Doubt it. But, since she seems to have lost her marketability in "the biz" why not just leave that arena, go somewhere else, get the much needed help needed and start to have a life free of drugs, booze and toxic parents. It can work, it has happened. Come ón Linds, you certainly are worth it girl, and you really deserve the peace and contentment that comes with a life like that.


linds is going the same way as marilyn monroe and she has only herself to blame everyone has helped her and she has pushed everyone away she keeps blaming michael but its not him its tthe company she keeps trouble with linds she is easily convinced when she has money people take advantage her her kindness they do not care about her most only want to have sex with her then go brag about it but everyday she is getting herself a bad name i feel sorry for her cause underneath she is a lovelly girl but people just wa\nt to abuse her ruin her name and her career
my advice to her stop it all now but it finishers for good thats why i say she will end like marilyn monroe


You must be talking about Perez right?


what an awful excuse for a human being

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