Jenna Jameson or Tito Ortiz: Who's Telling the Truth?

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Did alleged abuse victim Jenna Jameson contradict herself with a pair of statements regarding the incident that left Tito Ortiz arrested early yesterday?

In two comments caught on tape by TMZ, Jenna adamantly stated that her partner did not beat her up earlier Monday (8 p.m.), but later said he did (10 p.m.).

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Why did the story changed, with Jenna Jameson repeatedly referring to Tito as a "wife beater" just a few hours after seemingly defending the man?

Somebody's story doesn't add up.

Well, at 9:30 p.m., Tito held a press conference in which he insinuated that the injuries were the result of Jenna Jameson's addiction to OxyContin.

Was she just covering for him initially, then enraged that he denied it and blamed her? Or is he telling the truth, which she's attempting to deny?

The question is ... who do you believe?

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