Kardashians Place Mason Dash at Front and Center of Self-Serving Twitter War

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Look, Kardashian family: we understand you'll do and say anything for attention. We comprehend the concept of a publicist and of concocting your own feuds and rumors in order to remain relevant.

But can you please leave innocent children out of your self-serving games?!?

Kardashian Klothing Line

Yesterday, over the course of several painful hours, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick engaged in a pointless, fake public feud that centered around Kourtney and Scott's son, Mason Dash. It started when Kim posted the following photo of her nephew and Tweeted:

Please nobody tell Kourtney I just twittered a pic of Mase, she just might kill me! I just couldn't resist!

On cue, Disick called his quasi sister-in-law out, writing about his baby mama: "She's not going to be pleased."

From there, Kourtney chimed in, clearly being nothing but pleased: "Everyone told on u kim for showing a pic of Mason! At least u r an incredible auntie," she wrote.

Yes, how dare everyone tell on Kim... for posting a photo that went out to her giant base of Twitter followers, including Scott and Kourtney?!?

Let's hope that Mason skips right past crawling and walking and just learns how to sprint. The kid has to make a run for it before it's too late.

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Scott is a duche bag!! I love the K sistas and i just pray that Kourt will come to her senses and get herself and Mason away from him. Bad influence!!!! you can do way better girl and he isnt even one bit attractive!


stupidest article i have ever read. so just remind me real quick.. who is concocting drama? because all I'm reading here is an aunt putting up pictures of her nephew and having fun with her family. idiot


For someone who hates the K's and things they get too much attention you sure aren't helping the matter! All you do is bring them up! What an idiot!


dat baby looks weird


he is so cute awwee
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


yooh and manson look so cute together!!!!!!!!!finally yooh are a aunt!lololol!!!!!!!!!!the baby is so cute but your sister kourtey has 2 step up and spend time with her baby she is the one who made the baby but it si her choice not mine but i have 2 give her credit 4having the baby!!!!!!!!!!!yooh and your sister should wait to have your babys and not go so fast and do not think fast take your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take my advice!!!lololol


Baby, cat, sex tape, whatever prop you need as a K.


This article is making something of nothing. they were having some fun with each other. something the writer of this piece seems to be missing in their lives.


This post almost made me lose my will to live.


Do you people not have anything else to do? stop making up drama.There was no drama here. Nothing to see move along.

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