Joslyn James Striptease Tour Follows Tiger to N.C.

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Tiger Woods is hitting the links this weekend, and wouldn't you know it, his ol' mistress Joslyn James is going to be naked in the same city! What are the odds!

The stripper / porn star is appearing at the Uptown Cabaret in Charlotte, N.C., tonight and tomorrow while Tiges competes at the Quail Hollow Championship.

Joslyn James, who linked a violent, dirty string of Tiger Woods text messages last month, also stripped at a Georgia club near where Tiger played the Masters.

Here's a promotional advertisement for the class act's visit to N.C.:



The stuffed tiger is a cute touch, as is the "wood" play on words. Although presenting his texts on an Adobe Flash "iBone" on her website was way better.

Interestingly, Joslyn says that Tiger's BFF and part-time pimp, Bryon Bell, arranged for her to rendezvous with Tiger during this exact same event in 2007.

He won it that year.

Heck, with a Tiger and Elin Woods divorce reportedly imminent, maybe he should arrange a quickie tonight for good luck ... mofo's currently tied for 61st.


Keep printing and i will keep reading. tiger had 121 whores!!!! how did the guy have the energy to walk around a golf course much less win. That accomplishment is more impressive than 14 majors. The guy is a selfish scumbag and deserves everything he gets from the press.


I know Tiger's got his game and family face back on. But don't let him jive you. Tiger's got a pussy in his tank ready to go!


If this e-news is true I guess the press and Josly James, Loredana Joli,Cori Rist,Rachel Uchitel the staffs of US weekly magazine and New York daiy post are happy now that tiger’s marrage is coming to an end.sily press and ther stupid stories.tiger cheated so like the wife is really into tigers wealth and dont want to make her marrage work.


I totally agree with Lee about the media playing such a big role in the Elin/Tiger story. They are constantly bombarded with stories from every "sleazy" outlet with so many untruths and the press is doing their own part in their vindictive coverage of Tiger. I am no fan of his, but the man is trying to get on with life and the constant stories that are printed only serve to highlight the mean spiritedness of the media. Shame on all of you.


Regarding your point "Even without the media making up stories it is only a matter of time before Tiger starts seeing other women, and Elin knows it. A man can’t make it through the desert without drinking something, even if he is a monk.."... but who can blame Tiger for that... If e-news is correct, it is Elin who opted to live in separate houses after Tiger came out of the is Elin who opted not to accompany Tiger to US Masters and later went off to Sweden... So the "wife" is leaving the husband (who has high sex craving) with no proper sex life, so Elin is the one who is "risking" or "setting the path for" Tiger back to infidelity... Elin's moves have not been paving way for a prodigal son story for an improved husband... If a wife truly wants to help a sex-rehab husband to come back, she doesn't take a strategy of just caring for the kids and leave the husband on his own.


Even without the media making up stories it is only a matter of time before Tiger starts seeing other women, and Elin knows it. A man can’t make it through the desert without drinking something, even if he is a monk. The media have been doing their best to encourage Elin with public peer pressure to divorce Tiger, as they always do to create more drama, and if the kids suffer it creates more news they can report. I have no objection reporting events that happen themselves, but sometimes the media tries to pressure people into behavior they may not have chosen without that pressure, and I object to that kind of manipulation. There is no such thing as objective reporting, since personal bias is human nature, but there is a difference between bias, and intentional harm.


I just want to see him play golf!




for her next act, she should recite his texts at a coffee house open mic


Avery desperate woman obviously, she needs to make all the cash she can before everything she has sags to the floor (if you know what I mean).

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