Bryon Bell: Tiger Woods' BFF, Part-Time Pimp

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In two interviews Sunday, Tiger Woods says no one close to him was aware of his many, many affairs. Well, except for the guy who used to set 'em up, logistically.

“No one knew what was going or when it was going on,” he said. Well, someone was obviously coordinating details with the Tiger Woods mistresses on his behalf.

He's Tiger f*%king Woods. Mofo delegates. One can understand why he'd want to cover his buddy's a$$, but come ON. We know he worked Tiger's bone Rolodex.

Newly released texts and emails by Tiger’s porn star mistress Joslyn James show just that - Tiger’s best pal Bryon Bell knew what was going on, and knew when.

Bell planned it, after all, emailing her travel details and working out transportation for her, giving her his phone number and even offering her a lift personally.

Bryon Bell Picture

Bryon Bell: Tiger Woods' friend and Joslyn James sex coordinator.

"I’ll work out transportation. I will be in town so I may pick you up. Otherwise, I will have a car set up for you," he wrote Veronica Daniels (James' real name), from his work account at Tiger Woods Design, which he's president of.

Not as scandalous as the Tiger Woods text messages Joslyn James leaked last week, but another interesting step in her delayed mission to sabotage the golfer.

Not that anyone should be surprised. When Rachel Uchitel flew to Australia to meet Tiger - the affair that first exposed his cheating double life - it was Byron who made arrangements, which the National Enquirer ultimately got wind of it.

No word if he also did this for Tiger and Devon James.

Either way, the rest, as they say is sordid, hilarious history that keeps on unraveling. Follow the jump for one of Bryon Bell's emails with Joslyn James ...

Subject: Travel Info
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 16:38:46 -0400

Here are your travel details for next week.

US Airways (Passenger: Veronica Daniels)
Confirmation Number: BBSREG

Tuesday, May 1
Flight 702, Depart LAS at 11:25a, Arrive CLT at 6:34pm

Wednesday, May 2
Flight 1009, Depart CLT at 7:55pm, Arrive LAS at 9:49pm

I’ll work out transportation tomorrow. I will be in town so I may pick you up. Otherwise, I will have a car set up for you.  Here is my cell number if you have any problems.

Let me know when you receive this.


Bryon Bell
Tiger Woods Design


"Yo" lo aria mucho mejor...


bitches be creaming for tiger, good on the bloke bro, meanest golfer ay


To Allysa: Regarding "The real solution for Elin is know her man"... I don't think Elin knows her man... I think what she is hoping is to transform Tiger into what she wants... But in real life, perhaps you can change a person in one aspect (eg give up womanising), but if you are aiming to change that person in many other aspects in concurrence, I think she is unrealistic... To be frank, if Tiger can fully quit from his womanising habit, the wife should be happy... I found it hard to believe Elin plans to file for divorce because Tiger is going for US Masters... To be frank, if I were Elin, if GOLF can engage Tiger totally to he no longer womaniser, I will celebrate as a wife... What does a golf superstar's wife complaining her husband goes back to golf (which is the bread-and-butter giving them their luxurious lifestyle) ?


To WCTW (Mar 28 8:16 am posting) : It doesn't surprise me if Elin files a divorce.. I haven't seen her really dedicated to saving the marriage. It only surprises me that what triggers her to file divorce is Tiger back to US Master.. which sounded quite absurd in my eyes as I see this as a healthy move of Tiger... The unfortunate bit I feel is if Elin divorces, it ends up the official wife quits while the whores and JJ will be laughing... I don't know ! Is it stupid to give up a husband on comeback and when the whores will be clapping their hands ?


Read recent e-news Elin was unhappy with Tiger returned to golf and is on her way to file divorce... Felt sorry about it... I think Tiger knows himself that he can't give up golf because a Tiger without golf is dead... To be frank to Elin, their lifestyle (private jet, a week of ski trips of 5 digit figures , yacht, security etc, just necessitate an actively working golf suprestar... Besides, golf good times are not forever, when you are 34 and in top, you will maximise your position at top to as long as possible, because once Tiger's top position got replaced, he lost his attractiveness... I think demands on faithfulness is very reasonable (so Tiger needs to demonstrate his clean wherabout when on the road) but demand on giving up golf may be too much and is indirectly herself asking for a divorce .


The real solution for Elin is know her man, if her man really loves golf then she has to support it. The secret in marriage is knowing what connects you to your mate. For women, support him where he loves of course other than womanizing. If he loves sex, then try tobe creative. We can always do role playing in bed, who cares that is our husband!!!! And for men, respect her and be loyal to her. love her and understand her specially if you already make some mistakes. Thats the reason why the road is two and not one way... God be with them


to wctc: I am speaking bse on my personality. Actually, I loved and been hurt and I know that loving is just difficult. At times, even we know we been hurt but we still love the person, thus, maybe the reason why Elin stayed. But, if I am ELin, I will really put these ladies to shame irregardless where Tiger and my relationship is (being Elin but speaking based on my personality). I will make them salivate why their nasty sex were not able to drag my man totally to them. I am the wife and the one he gave his name so I am still the one they should be jealous. She should be a fighter, not just for her love but for her right as a wife. That is a name given to her so she should stop these ladies tryign to destroy them


You solution to end JJ's bashing is to have Tiger and Elin appear united in public... Well, from most the e-news heard recently (refuse to take family portrait, yacht with kids for her weekend, live in separate fact some e-news said they are NOT living together in same house, MOST RECENT ONES are Elin plans to file divorce because she is not happy with Tiger back to golf without fully resolved bis problmes) , I don't think Elin is supportive of Tiger... Perhaps dissociating Elin from Tiger may not be a bad idea after all (I hate to say that!).. If Elin really wants to save the marriage, she will try to help Tiger to succeed because if Tiger collapse from the stress, he will end up in downward spiral..


To allyssa who posted on Mar 27 2:40 am... What you suggested for Elin to fight the battle against JJ and further women is good BUT I am not sure whether Elin will be that strong to say that to the public... In fact, if e-news are true, she may not be even be there in Masters press conference, nor was she there in Feb public apology... So if Elin is NOT willing to do so in public way for Tiger, and that those JJ and other whores still continue to go crazy in publishing stuff (it was said JJ will even publish Tiger's relationship photos with her)..., what can Tiger do himself (rather than just like now do nothing and let others fill in the blanks for him) to effectively shut off the damages of thsee JJ's actions (certainly NOT to pay this damend whore) >


Two ways to stop this crazy woman JJ ..First is if Elin said "shut up woman stealing someone's husband dare you to talk like that ...BEAR IN MIND you are not the legal wife of Tiger, so what can you say ?..." Then, yes, there is no point that this JJ can blab, blab, blab anymore... But the countereffect then isthe tabloid will be so happy to have e-news saying "Wife blasts out at the mistress..." Second, is when tabloid found this JJ so annoying and of no more "juice" to write on... This will take time, and wlll "torture" Tiger and Elin more... If there is something which can immediately take out the "juice" out of this JJ stuff so that the tabloid felt no more use to write on it, then far better... Because in all fairness, I found this JJ the unebelievable whore of the whore and felt she should be "ditched" out of this world !

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