Funniest Celebrity Gossip Rumor of the Day: Britney Spears Given "Bra Ultimatum" By Dad

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Control her finances? Yes. Her schedule? Yep. Medical decisions? Check.

Her choice of undergarments? Well ... would you really be surprised?

We doubt there's any truth to it, but Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has reportedly given the singer a "bra ultimatum," according to various reports.

No word if Jason Trawick would "support" this.

The story is that the conservator is tired of pics like the ones seen here... and probably half the entries in of our gallery of Britney Spears pictures lately.

Thus, he imposed a "must wear bra" rule on his famous daughter.

  • Trailer Park Bride
  • Braless Britney
  • A Hot Mess

NO BRA, NO PROBLEMO: Orders from pappy or not, Britney Spears has no use for pesky underwire support. Ding dang, them puppies are gonna be hangin' out, y'all.

Other sources close to the fam tell us there is no such rule in place, although it has been talked about. Big Papa Jamie Spears is said to have concluded this:

You can't make any 28-year-old woman wear a bra if she doesn't want to ... especially Britney. In fact, he laughed when he heard the story of his "demand."

Michael Lohan might want to consider instituting such a policy once he's granted a conservatorship over Lindsay. Or at least make her put on pants. Yeesh.

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Brit! is awesome yes she might of had some bumps on the road but if she feels like walking around without a bra then let her it's her body and her life. I'm sure now with 2 kids that she knows exactly what she must do and she could help her sister Jamie Lynn Spears take care of her baby. So let her walk around however she feels comfortable. if it's without a bra den let her. if it's half naked then let her. As long as she is happy and not making the wrong choices then just let her be please.


Brit, Brit keep the bra off!!! I love boobs where the nipples point down. NICE! The saggier the better. Saggy boobs look slutty.


This bra story, same story went around shortly after he took over and she did start wearing a bra, but since coming back from her world-wide, lip-syncing extravaganza, the bra has been shunned. For sure.