David Archuleta and Rihanna Perform on American Idol

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While the American Idol community is buzzing over the judges' decision to save Michael Lynche from elimination (do you think it was the right call?), we'd like to focus on the two acts that graced the stage last night.

First, what can even be said about David Archuleta at this point? Young, cute crooners such as Alex Lambert and Aaron Kelly have won over many fans this season, but neither compares to this former finalist.

He showed why again last night, serenading the audience with a rendition of "Imagine."

After that, the episode took a 180 degrees turn and showcased a song from Rihanna, looking even more hardcore than usual.

Below, check out her performance of "Rockstar 101," as well as a few photos of both her and David on stage.

[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/rihanna-on-idol/" title="Rihanna on Idol"] [/video]


I loved David Archuleta's performance on AI. David, sitting at a piano and singing beautifully! Jason D. & Rihanna could take lessons from a true artist like David. No dancers, no pyro technics, no over the top outfit, etc., just a singer playing the piano and doing both well!! David Archuleta is amazing!!


I just listened to this performance by David again today. The emotion and sincerity he brings to a song at such a young age is amazing; couple that with a wonderful voice and the humility of his soul makes listening to him such a joy. All of these AI contestants could "take a lesson". Several of the contestants seemed mesmerized by his performance (i.e. Casey James). Bravo, David ---- more, more!


David was spectacular. He always is. I am having withdrawals by not being able to see him in concert. Can't wait for his third album to come out and start going to his concerts. I'm an Archie fanatic. :DDDDD


David has such talent. I wonder how it makes the other singers feel when he gets such huge compliments without all the gadgets, echo mikes and dancing(if that's what you call it) all over the stage that most of the known names use nowadays.


Its just unbelievable that David can just sit down at a piano and play and sing and sound fantastic without any of the flashing lights, dancing and other fanfare that other "stars" use.


Even when David Archuleta's nervous, he sounds amazing!


What can you say about David Archuleta except for he is AMAZING!!!!! Love him!


What an amazing performance last nite! David is a unique and talented singer so be reckoned with! Wow!


David's performance was beautiful. He changed it up and thrilled me all over again, just like he did when he sang Imagine in the Top 20 of Season 7. For me, nothing beats the feeling of hearing David sing live. True artistry doesn't need a dazzling act. I cannot wait for his book and his next single and album. Gonna be a fun couple of months!


I second that Jess.

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