Michael Lynche: Saved by the Judges!

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Phew. That was close.

Due to a collective, nationwide brain fart, Michael Lynche found himself in the bottom three last night on American Idol. Once Aaron Kelly was deemed safe, Lynche then found himself in the bottom two alongside Andrew Garcia - and then the bottom one!

Granted, Big Mike's rendition of "Eleanor Rigby" on Tuesday was overblown and far from his best. But, unlike viewers around the country, the judges were willing to give Lynche another shot: they unanimously voted to save him from elimination.

Think they made the right call?

Huge Mike

The excitement, and flamboyance, on American Idol will be ratcheted up next week: Adam Lambert will mentor the contestants.

Regarding anyone's fears, Adam Tweeted this week: "Don't worry America: I will be beyond family friendly. Relax and enjoy. For Your Entertainment."


He should have been let go. The judges were fools to use their one save on him. There's no way he should win the whole competition, and that's the only type of singer on whom the save should be used. I hope there's not a situation that makes them regret their foolish choice.


Happy Mike was saved. It is too bad American Idol let Lilli go!!!!


I do not under stand americia, or I should say the way they voted , he deserved to be there, Mike is a great singer, and I wish him the best, he deserved a second chance.. The set of singer this year!


This is the worst batch of contestants ever to hit AI. The only ones who are any good---Crystal and Lee, the rest are terrible. Tim, honestly he should just leave and tell America to stop voting for him.


i think if they didn't save him he would have prrooooobably pummeled them all to death! it had to be out of genuine fear because for the life of me i cannot understand why they would use that precious "save" on HIM! he is way too arrogant which is a huge turn off and they could have used that on someone who ACTUALLY deserved it!


nawww guys i don't think he seems arrogant, he's one of the nicest contestants!! but yeah, i don't think he will win. but you know, if he does badly next week he will get booted, there's nothing the judges could do about it. they're just putting his elimination off a week or so.
but i think the contestants are all really talented this year, each elimination will be more and more devastating....


Someone has to go, so why didn't they just let him go. There's only one idol. I like Mike and his voice but they should have just let him go. I still keep hoping they will boot Katie. I can't stand her. She is so arrogant and doesn't have that much talent. If she wins, she'll be another Miley Cryus, no talent joke.




I completely agree. He is neither current nor commercial. America voted him off for a reason. I hate the save. Its stupid. Michael Lynche won't win, nor does he deserve to.


This guy has a real cocky attitude and that is why is was voted off. Maybe with the save his ego will deflate a bit. Lets hope because I am tired of his fixation with his body.

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