Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze Dominate American Idol

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And then there were two.

Yes, we know there are actually seven finalists remaining on American Idol - but can anyone envision a scenario in which Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze does NOT take home the title?

We certainly hope not, as this pair is clearly the cream of the season nine crop. Each proved why during last night's edition of the show, based around inspirational singles, putting on performances that brought many in the audience to tears.

We've ranked the top seven in order below. Just imagine a large space between number-two and all the others...

  1. Bowersox: Who needs a guitar?!? With a perfect rendition of "People Get Ready," and with her father in the crowd, Crystal herself couldn't stop from crying. But here's encouraging news for the singer: she's the one to beat.
  2. DeWyze: He took on "The Boxer," a Paul Simon classic. It was a tender performance, one that lived up to the expectations of such a well-known, respected song. Awesome job.
  3. Casey James: Taken on its own, a solid take on "Don't Stop." But this singer sounds the same each week. Nothing stands out at this point, which might actually put Casey in danger of elimination this week.
  4. Siobhan Magnus: She took heat for her ballad of "When You Believe." But who would you rank above her? Still has a great voice and great potential.
  5. Aaron Kelly: It's difficult to get past the cheesy single he chose ("I Believe I Can Fly"), or even the shady persona of the dude who originally sang it (R. Kelly). But this Kelly connected with the audience in an impressive manner.
  6. Tim Urban: We've seen better recent performances from this cutie than his cover of "Better Days." His time might finally be up.
  7. Michael Lynche: Another cheesy ballad, as Big Mike took a big chance with "Hero." His voice just couldn't carry such a tough song choice.

Who was your favorite performer of the night?

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Bowersox! Bowersox!

i think sioban is annoying. like her voice isnt that great. crystal voice annoys me and im votting for lee and tim. heres why. lee has a great raspy rough voice which many famous singers have. tim has a pretty decent voice and hes adorable. they both woud make it far in the music buissness where as i dont see people listening to crystal bowersow! just my opinion


I'm hoping Tim gets to stay. I'd like to see what he can do next. I like him and his singing best,and I like his personality. If most people had had to listen to all the negative comments he got in the beginning, they would have just packed it up and went home. He didn't, he got better and I'd like to see him win or at least be runner up. He deserves it. He did a good job last night but it didn't stand out, it was good, tho.


I'll have to listen to him again but I thought Tim did a good job singing, sadly the judges didn't like it.


Crystal screwed up the end of the song and the judges all said great job, so I'm not watching anymore. She had no control over her emotions as a singer, she was terrible not to finish the song. I'm so tired of this s### this year. They have done this for quite a few seasons, pick out the one they want to win and then that person can mess up so bad and the judges go great, dog.Well, that's it, no more idol for me.


I always listen the next day with headphones, and I think Mike did a very good job...people are just being bias and judging this man on appearance and not talent...


They did poorly....take a listen without watching....this is the worst set of idol performers I have ever seen on this sayt crystal is the best of them, really isn't saying much....her control is awful...shakey and off pitch, too much


I think Mike goes home but Siobhan and Tim are in bottom 3. Hope Tim stays. I didn't think it was that bad. Yeah, it wasn't his greatest but it was a decent job. They were right in saying that if it were a few weeks ago they'd be in love with it.


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