Tim Urban hails from Duncanville, Texas. He's an American Idol semifinalist that works as a hotel and restaurant singer. He likes...

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It's clear at this point: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating. They've been spotted together all week in New York City.

It's also rather clear: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles will soon break up and Swift will then write a single about it.

So former American Idol contestant Tim Urban is here to help.

Randomly and hilariously, the singer has penned a song in honor of this eventual split, replete with Taylor-like lyrics such as:  “He was the wrong direction with a beautiful face. He made me smile on those December days.”

Listen now:

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Granted, Casey James probably put on the best performance on last night's edition of American Idol.

And Crystal Bowersox pulled out a didgeridoo! (It's a wind instrument. Look it up.)

But we're awarding this week's Idol Performance of the Week to the smiley Tim Urban. For what reason? Because he'll likely advance to the top eight, and this time it won't be due to his positive attitude or good looks.

Urban actually impressed judges and wowed viewers with his rendition of "All My Loving" last night. See what we mean below:

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American Idol rounded out its top 24 last night, which was great news for two dozen aspiring singers - but bad news for Chris Golightly.

One of the first names to get leaked as a season nine semifinalist, Golightly was disqualified at the last minute due to a contract he had signed with a boy band. There's controversy brewing over whether it's still valid, but Ryan Seacrest Tweeted last night:

“Been determined that Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue on IDOL, contestant Tim Urban has replaced Golightly as part of the Top 24″

Top 24 Photo

In addition to the seven singers that advanced through Hollywood on Tuesday night, the following crooners still have their American Idol dreams alive:

• Janell Wheeler
• Tyler Grady
• Lacey Brown
• Ashley Rodriguez
• Alex Lambert
Joe Munoz
• Tim Urban
Crystal Bowersox
• Katie Stevens
Paige Miles
• Siobhan Magnus
• Michelle Delamor
• Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Lilly Scott
• Andrew Garcia


  • Didi
  • Crystal Bowersox Photo
  • Lacey Brown Photo
  • Michelle Delamor Photo
  • Katelyn Epperly Photo
  • Andrew Garcia Audition Photo
  • Tyler Grady Pic
  • Todrick Hall Pic
  • Casey James Photograph
  • Aaron Kelly Photo
  • Alex Lambert Photo
  • Michael Lynche Photo
  • Siobhan Magnus Photo
  • Paige Miles Pic
  • Joe Munoz Picture
  • John Park Photo
  • Ashley Rodriguez Pic
  • Lilly Scott Image
  • Jermaine Sellers on Idol
  • Katie Stevens Pic
  • Haeley Vaughn Photo
  • Janell Wheeler Image

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