American Idol Producer: Adam Lambert Should Be a Major Star!

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With the talent level low and the contestants so similar, this season of American Idol has been considered a bore by most viewers. Ratings certainly reflect a drop in interest.

For that reason, producers are praying Adam Lambert will deliver a much-needed dose of excitement tonight, as he plays mentor to the remaining finalists.

But Ken Warwick tells Entertainment Weekly that he's also counting on the reverse coming true: he hopes the Lambert's appearance on the show will resurrect this singer's sidetracked career.

"The guy is an incredible talent, and he had an incredible following. And it kind of upsets me that at the moment he’s not doing quite as well," the executive producer said. "I don’t know what possessed him to do what he did at the AMAs, but he’s still struggling to live it down.

"Hopefully... we can start putting him back firmly where he belongs, as a major star. Because the guy is an incredible talent. He genuinely is. And it kind of breaks my heart to see someone with that much talent struggle a bit. So hopefully we can do back for him as he can do for us."

Adam Lambert returns to the stage that made him famous this week.

Aside from mentoring tonight, Lambert will return to the American Idol stage tomorrow.

From there, it's off to the GLAAD awards Saturday evening for another performance. Wrote Adam, regarding the event:

"GLAAD has advocated for out music artists, including myself, and I am proud to be part of the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards this year. GLAAD's work to share stories that grow acceptance and understanding about the gay and transgender community is so important in our culture today."

Will tune in to watch Lambert on Idol this week?


@ for_real_tho: Are you referring to ADAM or Kris Allen? ADAM has 400,000 foloowers on FB & nearly 1/2M folowers on Twitter! The ONLY song KA has out is LLWD so it should be doing well .. that's all they play on the radio .. ALL THE TIME .. because that's all that is available. Get Real! ADAM has had TFM from the 2012 movie soundtrack ... DJ's DON'T play it! FYE .. first single .. DJ's WON'T play it (outright refuse to when you request it) and DJ's give ADAM's fans a hard time when we request WWFM! TOO many requests ... NOT 'POLITE' enough (BS) ... stop flooding them with requests or they WON'T PLAY his music at ALL! WTH??? Seems like he's doing REMARKABLY 'WELL' considering the OBSTACLES he has to OVERCOME!!


Is a rethoric ask , ask yourself when you say lies
Adam is well in countries when no one American Idol was , but in Europe we cant buy his music because is not official launch , but we have YT , we can saw him performence live in his concerts all sold out and we hope visit us . You say about Carrie that he's great but we dont like country music ,we have our folk music , we love rock , we love disco , trance , clubbing music , but first rock , all great rock bands and performers and Adam is one of greatest and we are no homophobes , is talent that matters . Adam is allready international star , all we know who he is but Allen is an average singer that never will be accepted in Europe . The only song that i can listen from Allen is Falling Slowly that is european too . You make fool youself that you name Adam runner-up of Allen , people say what is wrong with America with this Allen.
Is not hate because is too unsigniffiant for us to be hate , for us just dont exist in music.


Is it that American Idol refuses to admit this season sucks. it sucks because at the beginning of the season it is the producers that pick the hopefuls to go before the judges and the choice was so poor this year. That is why ratings are so bad. Also, last year, a boring idol won and this year will be the same...Adam is the only one to come out of idol a winner despite the AMA.


Adam did a fantastic,spot on job mentoring tonight.Dennis, maybe you weren't aware that Adam has had extensive professional training, as well as theatrical,cruise ship,session,club and his own band experience since he was 10 yrs old.He more than any other idol alumni and some celebrities is very qualified and is extremely talented.I would love to see Adam as a weekly or monthly mentor and sing the "theme of the Week" song.That would surely be a shot in the arm performancefor this season's slo-moving show.Adam has always credited Idol for his success, been very generous supporting fellow contestants and is a real class act. Interpreting lyrics maybe too literally for one tv performance was not the best judgement, but considering the acts before his pushing the envelope,I dont hold that


Only one reason to watch Idol - ADAM LAMBERT!!!


I agree with the article. Adam definatley has major talent. I have been a fan from day one and I didn't like his AMA performance, but I loved all his other performances. I wish people would give him a change. There is no one like him. He is awesome.


You know it's amazing how you can take a one season winner and have him give his knowledge from experience; correct me if I'm wrong but in order to do that you should have some type of time and experience in the business yourself. This is coming from not only a fan of American Idol, but also a gay fan of Adam Lambert.
I think he has a great deal of talent, but not as someone to give advise considering his over the top perforamance on the grammy.


adam is very kool my family loves him well some


Adam is going to be famous for a long time to come. As for being around for 10 years, lots of people are around a long time before they are seen for the talent they are. No-one causes more talk than Adam. I for one am sick of all the bashers. If you don't like him, fine, than don't buy his albums. He is talented and a nice guy to boot. Don't know where the comment his mouth gets in the way came from......everyone who interviews him falls in love with the guy. If that's called "his mouth getting in the way" than why does everyone say what a nice guy he is? Adam is fantastic....ROCK ON ADAM!!!


Adam made an error in judgement at the AMA's. That is a fact. It is also a fact that he has more talent in his little finger than 99% of the 'recording artists' today. He got over AMA's, so did I. I will not let an error pollute how I percieve anyone, much less a 20 something year old man. Let's face it, when so called singers are charged with murder, rape and drug possesion, convicted and go to jail, yet still manage to be profitable, the AMA's was just a breeze in a hurricane. AI is sinking fast, Adam is rising fast. Looks like a good deal for both to me! My 93 year old grandma says it best,"That boy has the voice of an angel and the body of the devil himself." She loves it! LOL!

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