In Pictures: Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards

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By now, most fans have heard all about Adam Lambert's controversial, sex-themed performance at the 2009 American Music Awards.

The singer grinded up against back-up dancers, pushed one's head down to his crotch and played tonsil hockey with a band member.

It was a shocking rendition of "For Your Entertainment," even for those of us accustomed to Lambert's flamboyant, over-the-top American Idol auditions. These photos explains why:

Simulated Sex
AMA Smooch
Controversial Performance
Shocking Lambert
Silver Suited

The performance was clearly meant to create buzz for the singer, whose debut album goes on sale today. As loyal Lambert followers, however, we wished he'd gone in the opposite direction.

For Adam, playing up his sexuality in such a showy manner is akin to Sarah Palin preaching about abstinence. Both strategies just play to each celebrity's base.

To Lambert's credit, he's always done his own thing. Last night's behavior was merely an extension to his American Idol acts, during the show's run this spring and its concerts this summer.

But if the singer's goal is to attract new fans and to move as many copies of his CD as possible, the performance was a failure. It went for shock value over vocal talent, the latter of which Lambert possesses in spades. He's not a gay Britney Spears. Adam can really sing.

Unfortunately, he wasted an opportunity to prove this to a new, national audience.

The talk today is all about Lambert's antics, not his voice. That's too bad because, as Adam himself said in an insightful interview last week, the man has a lot to offer America beyond his sexual preference and outlandish stage presence.

Do you agree with this critique? What did you think of Lambert's performance?


Princess D*: Hollywood is not a city, and there is no mayor there. It is part of the City of Los Angeles. Contact the LA City Council or Mayor's Office if you have issues.


Omg this guy needs to be smacked up hard. Raging fucking faggot. Not only does he parade around looking like an elf but his music SUCKS!


I LOVED the video, and I think the song is something I'd like to rock in my car to. I'll definitely dance if I hear it at a club. However, I know now what happened at the AMA's. He just got carried away during the live performance. Too bad, but maybe the publicity will be good for him.


crazy man


What is it that everyone in this town think they are either a Hooker or something? They made this scum now acceptable in the public. Distgusting! You cant even drive through LA without your kids seeing some porn billboard. Is this what we have come to? We are not allowed to party after 10pm but sex to the max is ok? get rid of that Hollywood mayor!


I think Hollywood is going to the Dogs! They think they can sell music now only with sex!! Very poor.


people are making a big deal over the sexual overtones of the performance however the performance itself was in my opinion bad, does he have a good voice cuz if he does he was hiding it last night?


I like adam lambert, but his preforance was not sexy, but raunchy. I was watching the AMA with my husband and children, never expecting to see what we saw. I wish there was some kind of warning. Adam says that female artish have been pushing the envelope for years. Yes but I dont remember a female artist simulating oral sex and putting her finger up a dancers crutch
on stage and on a public network.wrong move adam.


Adam Lambert performance last night was definetly inappropriate.
His voice is nothing but screaming, no wonder he didn't win American Idol, he can't sing. He belongs in New York on the theatre stage, maybe then me might win an emmy award.


i love adam!! if this was madonna or britney no one would make such a big deal about this...i like that hes taking a risk, his and lady gagas performance was the BEST!!! : )


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