American Idol Gives Back, Eliminates Tim Urban

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The smile-filled journey of Tim Urban came to an end last night, as American Idol viewers voted this finalist off the show.

The elimination didn't come as a shock, giving Tim's lackluster performance of "Better Days" on Tuesday, but the man that joined Urban in the bottom two may have surprised many: Casey James was finally punished for his lack of creativity on a weekly basis.

As for the two-hour broadcast itself, Idol Gives Back is always an impressive event. It brings numerous A-listers together in the name of such charities as Save the Children.

Among this year's highlights:

  • Wanda Sykes doing a stand-up routine in which she questioned the cruelty of making eliminated contestants sing the same song for which they were voted out.
  • Mary J. Blige singing "Stairway to Heaven" with Randy Jackson on the guitar.
  • A reunion of the top 12 stage on stage, as seen below.
  • Barack and Michelle Obama appearing in a video message, thanking everyone for giving. "Ya'll are all my dawgs," the President said.
  • Annie Lennox taping a segment about an HIV-positive girl in Africa. 
  • Jennifer Garner showcasing poverty and how it affects kids in America.
  • Testimonials from stars such as Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman; music from Alicia Keys, the Black Eyed Peas and Carrie Underwood, and comedic bits with George Lopez, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

All in all, a wonderful program that raised millions for important causes - but sent one cute, aspiring singer home unhappy.

Clapping for Himself
Idols Giving Back

Give Aaron Kelly a break people - if Tim Urban is as good as u believe then he will still do well in the music industry. AI helped Daughtry to get started, but he certainly did not need to win AI to achieve the success that he did.


that is fuckin gay man. he is furisouly hot and shit so yeah he didnt dserve to get voted ofQ! ioeghdvsnm


Tim was treated very badly. I don't believe that Tim recieved the least votes. I think the same thing that happened to Daughtry, happened to Tim, when Daughtry's votes went to someone else. Aaron just doesn't have the charisma and Casey James is a one trick pony. Casey has been getting by on his looks, but he doesn't appeal to me.


Gwendolyn you forgot to add that Taylor Hicks was dropped from the record company.


Yes Roy, I remember Taylor Hicks very well. How do you forget the person that apparently no one can forget since the mention his name so often. The guy that gave AI their biggest year, the only one ever asked to do a repeat performance, the guy who was NEVER in the bottom three. The biggest part of AIs most attended summer tour. That guy that didn't hop ever time they said jump so they decided to rewrite history. That guy.
As for Tim, he didn't sing very well, but he was the most entertainment they had on the show. The ratings dropped a bunch Weds. night and its going to get worse I believe.
Idol Gives back was a little like watching paint dry.


@Hilton Hater
Yeah they do charity show. it went over 20 min so it what the difference will it make if it went over 25min instead of 20 min?? It's the way the show n the judges treat Tim (the trash comments, questioning his intelligence, never given the pimp spot etc) make me wonder if the person who eliminated is not Tim, they will went over 25min & let him sing exit song


I think all of the above people need to have their ears checked... Urban can't even carry a tune......


Now, all they have are a bunch of Taylor Hicks. Remember him?


He performed decently but the judges are harder on him than anyone else. He was their best shot to stardom because he will sell millions of records. He is very commercial and he has the look. I am not watching anymore. :(


Idol has missed it so many times in the past, and they still have this arrogance that they know what they are doing. The judges are laughable. They have gotten it right about once or twice since the show started and they still won't open their eyes or ears to what the public wants. Tim Urban was their best shot at super stardom and they just didn't get it. He had a kind of wholeness that the others didn't have. They missed it, because the others don't have all the ingredients to make it happen for them, Tim does.


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